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A competitive market in which more and more companies choose to outsource most of their activities, to focus on the core business, giving rise to an increasingly specific demand for logistic services.

Company logistics must be built to effectively manage the flow of goods, even in peak periods and in the event of sudden changes. Our goal is to develop an offer supported by the awareness of having to overcome the concept of commodity and consider the management strategies of the logistics chain as a competitive advantage.

That is why we want to support the customer and design ad hoc solutions, declined through multiple value-added services: in-bound and out- bound logistics, in-house logistics, storage in shared or dedicated warehouses located near the production centres and/or in strategic territorial areas.

Such a varied request for logistic services, strictly linked to the reference sector, shows us that there are no instructions for use:
each project is built on the actual needs of the customer.

When logistics become an opportunity: Dronero

Dronero (CN) is the platform chosen and designed to remedy a series of critical issues of a well- known international sports brand. Dronero’s warehouse is single customer and is the focal point of a logistics optimisation project, outsourced by the customer.

Critical issues of the manufacturer SStops for containers or non-availability of products on the lines.
Needs Optimise the logistics of in-bound flows of components destined for production, manage the supply of production and delivery lines with maximum efficiency.
Platform From 12,500 to 21,000 m2
1st phase - Dronero/12,500 m 2
II phase - Fossano/3,500 m 2 + Roccabruna/5,000 m 2
Advantages Increased productivity, reduced error rates, cost savings, improved service in time and punctuality, better eco-sustainable impact.

Fashion logistics: the logistics that follows fashion

Logistics opened to the fashion business in 2015 with the assignment of a professional clothing brand, to which others have been added.

Critical issues of the producer demand strongly conditioned by market dynamics.
Needs Manage seasonal changes in the sector and offer maximum guarantee of protection for valuable products, guarantee order management that includes returns (reverse logistics).
Platform Piacenza/Fashion A: 12,500 m 2 + Fashion B: 12,500 m 2 .
Advantages Continuous procurement, certified physical-quality control of clothing, distribution and fulfillment of same-day orders.

City Squares
Absolute total m 2: 99.765

  • 27.380 sqm Piacenza
  • 20.585 sqm Montoro
  • 4.200 sqm Imola
  • 3.300 sqm Prato
  • 400 sqm Rovigo
  • 6.000 sqm San Giovanni Lupatoto
  • 8.000 sqm Bentivoglio
  • 3.900 sqm Dronero
  • 18.000 sqm Faenza
  • 2.000 sqm Reggio Emilia
  • 6.000 sqm Roccabruna

Absolute total m2: approximately 167.510
Total m2 Cold storage warehouse: +7.300

  • 16.050 mq Dronero
  • 19.700 mq Interporto Bologna
  • 22.600 mq Imola
  • 3.100 mq Padova
  • 52.300 mq Piacenza
  • 34.000 mq Faenza
  • 1.000 mq Senec
  • 2.600 mq Reggio Emilia
  • 2.160 mq Verona
  • 4.000 mq Roccabruna
  • 10.000 mq Capua/Pastorano

We manage the in-bound process along the entire chain, from the handling of goods related to the production process directly to the production site, the storage centre or other location for subsequent processing. The service also includes the movement of goods at the place of destination.

In multi-user mode on our platforms or with outsourced management in single-user warehouses with a customised layout, we manage the storage phases, supported by intelligent software solutions.

Entrusting us with the production logistics means making use of an expert and professional partner, capable of managing all the logistical phases necessary for production efficiency. Unloading, storage, repackaging, procurement, empty management, reverse-logistics, everything will be organised according to the customer’s production flows.

A service to define itself as “turnkey” must also include the co-packing phases. In this way we will also deal with activities such as air conditioning, packaging and labelling.

From the heart of the warehouse to distribution. More and more customers are entrusting us with control over their IT systems, in order to speed up the verification of orders, schedule withdrawals, organise loads and plan deliveries in the areas entrusted to us.

In cases of unsold, defective, end-of-life product, packaging management… we are also organised for return logistics or reverse logistics which includes all the logistic processes for product returns, in a reverse flow compared to the traditional supply chain, from the end customer back to the manufacturer.

As an international supplier, in Piacenza we have a warehouse for storing goods from abroad that measures 1,000 square metres and is suitable for customs warehousing, with customs clearance times of 24/48 hours.

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