Fleet - TN Torello

A safe and functional fleet

Torello Group has a fleet of 2000+ vehicles comprising of Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles, trailers and semitrailers – all subject to continuous quality checks in cooperation with the various manufacturers – of different types to meet all transportation, client logistics and distribution needs. This large fleet number allows the company to handle all loading/unloading operations in a more flexible manner, thus releasing the vehicles and using them for more activities.

Semi-trailers with tarpaulin

The semi-trailers with tarpaulin, whose walls are composed of a sliding side sheet, are used to carry goods that do not require controlled temperature. All tarpaulins, are reinforced with a metal mesh.

Refrigerated semi-trailers

They are used to transport goods in controlled temperature. With the use of a control panel, the driver can set the temperature and the means by which this is to be maintained. The temperature of a refrigerated semi-trailer can be set from -30° to +30°.


Maxi volume

The articulated lorry is composed of a tractor and a trailer. The maximum height of the lorry is 4 metres, the width is 2.6 metres and the length, including tractor and trailer, is of 18.5 metres. The lorry can transport, on the ground, up to 38 pallets 80×120 cm.

Double decker semi-trailer

Semirimorchio doppio piano

A type of vehicle that allows you to load the trailer on two levels. This type of semi-trailer has adjustable lowering bars whereby you can create an additional loading bed on which to load other pallets.



They can carry two types of goods at different temperatures. It has two engines that regulate the temperature and a movable bulkhead in the middle which, when closed, acts as a sealing wall giving the possibility of setting the load at two different temperatures.

Bi-temperature double decker semi-trailers

Bi-temperatura doppio piano

This type of trailer allows the transportation of goods at two different temperatures and has a double load capacity. All this is possible while still respecting the weight limits permitted by law.

Sanificazione mezzi

Sanitization of the vehicles

Our vehicles are hygienically and technologically appropriate, in perfect condition and in accordance with the norms. To ensure the maintenance of temperatures provided for in Presidential Decree no. 327/1980 and other legislation relating to the maintenance of the cold chain (chapter IX, Section 5 Reg. CE no. 852/2004). We have an area where specialist are engaged in cleaning – internally and externally – of the vehicles and delivering it in perfect biological state, in accordance with HACCP and IFS Logistics norms, to make them suitable for transporting the load while maintaining the chemical-physical and organoleptic properties.

360° safety

The vehicles used are managed by the Traffic Office where each operator follows every single vehicle online, ensuring traceability in the perspective of the safety of the goods, the vehicle and the driver.

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