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Green vision, sustainable transport

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Torello has been chosen by the most important international brands also thanks to the adoption of sustainable solutions.

Reducing the environmental impact of transport, provided for in the White Paper issued by the European Commission in March 2011, it is determined that by 2030, for distances exceeding 300 km, 30% of the transport of goods by road should switch to other modes, including where possible, the railway. By 2050, this figure should rise to 50% thanks to efficient and environmentally friendly freight corridors. To achieve this objective suitable infrastructure will be developed.
The environment is an important issue for Torello that, fully aware of the social responsibility of its business, is committed to reducing CO2 emissions through the implementation of sustainable solutions. For this reason important investments have been carried out.
An important solution confirmed by the Group was the decision to place its facilities at the Piacenza Freight Terminal, considered an important national and international cargo transit platform that comprises of an intermodal terminal and warehouses that carry out intense freight forwarding activities.
A decisive contribution for a better quality of life.

The results of our small contribution

Monitoring of consumption leads to the drafting and sharing of periodical reports in which the results contained are summed up and certified.

KG unissued

2016 2017
14.575.000 18.583.000

KG unissued

2016 2017
3.498 6.978

Our sustainable solutions

In the perspective of sustainable transport, Gruppo Torello has adopted the use of particulate filters as a way of reducing polluting emissions of fine dusts, by fitting the vehicles that initially were not provided with these filtering devices. The DPFDiesel Particulate Filter – captures the particulate emitted by diesel engines. The principal objective of this device is the respect of the Euro 4 and Euro 5 emission limits and consequently a reduction in strongly toxic substances.

Torello Group’s vehicles are characterised by excellent performance and cleaner efficiency thanks to the reduction of exhaust emissions. Innovative technology, proven reliability and their unequaled efficiency meet the new environmental regulations and safety requirements. The company has vehicles with an average age of less than 3-4 years, demonstrating a continuous renewal of the fleet. Torello Group’s fleet comprises of 29% of Euro 5 vehicle, 66% of Euro6* and 5% with Diesel Particulate Filter fully equipped and arranged for any type of transportation.
*percentages pertaining to motor vehicles

Trasporto combinato

There are a number of warehouses inside the freight terminal used for logistics functions, technical and administrative services associated with the combined transportation service, in addition to offices for companies that work with this type of transportation means whereby the loading unit can be a road vehicle or an intermodal transportation unit. Combined transportation reduces CO2 emissions by 55% as compared to road transportation.

Trasporto intermodale

Torello has strengthened the range of intermodal services with progressive increase in daily railway connections. The terminals, made up of rails and yards equipped for the transportation of loading units (containers and movable crates) from one mode to the other, favour the direct input on the railway network. Every shipment that is trasferred to rail contributes to protecting the climate thus improving the quality of life.

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