Nicola Torello’s birthday defines the start of the works. In exactly one year the new Group’s headquarter

We move out. But we give you all the time to acquire the news.
The works in the new office have already been started, the second moving out in almost fifty years of history is the most significant one for the investments sustained but especially it underlines a maturity which we are aware of, being the biggest business community in our territory. Concetta Torello talks about “a new 6000 square meters house that projects our companies and our people towards a future on the top of italian and international logistic”. An awareness that requests a big responsibility, the same that can be found in the dialogue with local institutions, ready and available for the dialogue.

We’re still in Montoro!

A bond made of shared values that we want to preserve in the strategic choices. That’s why this headquarter we’ll be made in Montoro (AV), a place that gave us birth. How will it be?
1600 square meters of environments made for the 250 people that will live the HQ daily, 1600 square meters that will be able to relocate directional and administrational operations in a structure that aims to the quality of offices and spaces, arranged for a better liveability and conviviality. The office was designed to minimize the impact on the city texture and, indeed, contribute to its growth. Considering ourselves in the territorial context where we live is the first aspect we thought about for our own evolution.

A project of a great collaboration between public and private

We put in place a shared planning because we believe we need to build collaborative plans among companies, territory and institutions, connecting them with the widest general interest.

I don’t like to describe this project as the realization of a “simple” building, I like to define it as a corporate social responsibility that becomes concrete. We have chosen to “let the tree grow where it has its roots”, here in Montoro, but we’re aware about the importance and the responsibility this decision brings to us. Our goal is to create a project of major integration with the territory and I’m not talking about the aesthetic of the structure, I’m thinking about the spillovers, road traffic safety, the competitiveness of a whole territory. I like to think that we can give a hand even in that sense”. That’s how Concetta Torello describes the construction project, wgich was built starting from values of familiarity and acceptance that identify the Group’s vision.

One year exactly, why?

Today, with a good reason to raise our glass in the pocket, we wish Nicola Torello happy birthday, with the promise to finish this ambitious project in a year exactly, in the event of his 80th birthday.
His comforting presence in all these years is a guarantee of that familiar connotation which we can’t give up!

While we wait for our new office, that will allow us to better face our future challenges, activities, projects and institutional commitments still go on. For now, happy birthday President.