Goals achieved: the delivery of the New Actros to Torello drivers continues

On Saturday, November 16th we made the second round of deliveries of the New Actros. This was the day for our Great Performer Giuseppe, Marzio, Marco, Pasqualino and Antonello who were delivered the 5 remaining Actros.

We decided to deliver the Actros to them because of the excellent performances that the drivers have demonstrated in these two years of collaboration with Torello, and in the strategic need to improve certain routes. From this point of view, the results of each driver in terms of fuel consumption, safety, manoeuvrability, etc. should be highlighted. The drivers, with their wealth of experience, will undoubtedly enhance the performances of the New Actros.

Similarly to November 9, this day involved the delivery of the keys by the Boss Nicola Torello, a toast and – upon the delivery of the vehicle – the driver received a Torello model from representatives from the Drivers’ Management

Cutting-edge solutions aimed at safeguarding the driver, the client and the environment

The purchase of new vehicles is linked to the continuous quest for innovation and sustainability. The New Actros’meet specific requirements, one of which is to ensure that polluting emissions are reduced. But, in addition to their vast capacity to reduce fuel and therefore CO2, these vehicles are highly advanced in terms of technology and safety as they “lighten” the drive. We are always quick to meet new demands and the New Actros’ allow us to do so in an economically sustainable way.

An interview with each driver

In the two days that we were delivering, we collected a series of life stories: stories that immerse us in a world which, though at times tiring, is a vehicle of knowledge of places, people, customs. This is a group of drivers who have experienced situations which are not to be expected in day to day routine life: situations which are arguably more difficult to encounter in the life of people in standard jobs. Some of these stories may surprise you in just how closely they represent values which we find ourselves most attached to. Let’s tell you of them.