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Training projects and collaborations

In order to understand and manage a transport and logistics system, as well as train the competent resources, a collaboration between actors in the training and in the production fields is needed. Torello is intent in establishing a contact with the bodies that promote vocational training, an aspect in which resources and energy are invested.

The skills required for effective logistics become the object of study

There are several projects already underway, others are in the pipeline, others are
commencing now.
Here you can learn about training projects and ongoing collaborations.

Create a comparison between academia and the labour market


Torello is part of Bocconi’s network of companies within the MEMIT – Master in Transport, Logistics and Infrastructure Economics and Management – which includes the main operators in the sector,with the aim of connecting students and companies.
The MEMIT allows access to a network of companies that offers the majority of internships
and professional outlets every year.

Fisciano Brain Camp 2018

The II edition of the Fisciano Brain Camp saw the participation of the Torello Group among the technical partners. An initiative dedicated to the young people of the region and the University, to discover job opportunities related to the new professions (for Torello the various professional figures that characterise the world of transport, logistics and distribution).


The new partnership with the University of Salerno for the 1st level University Master in Economics of the Sea – Logistics and Tourism (EMALT), activated in the academic year 2017/2018, aims to contribute to the training of professionals with an integrated vision of the transport and tourism cycle.


Torello took part in Universamente, an initiative involving numerous Italian universities – organised by Adecco and Modis – which aims to bring students, undergraduates and recent graduates in the technical field with local companies.

Universitas Mercatorum – Università delle Camere di Commercio

The Management Group is working towards the realisation of a specific degree course with the Universitas Mercatorum, so that Torello can propose itself as a training project that involves, in an experimental way, a group of selected employees. Objective: to align titles and professionalism with actual business needs.

The logistics technicians of tomorrow

ITS Piacenza

A training path that is recognised by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and is valid throughout the EU.

ITIS Guido Dorso (AV)

Agreement stipulated with the State Industrial Technical Institute “Guido Dorso” of Avellino, in the area of the school-work alternation project, as an integral part of the education pathways, to ensure young people the acquisition of skills that can be spent on the job market.

Torello’s attention to training issues is expressed in invitations to round tables, assemblies and ongoing projects of interest which, very often, meet common objectives to start future collaborations.


TForm is an ongoing training and update project approved by MIT that enables to calibrate courses on different didactic topics: Corporate Quality, Food Safety, Integrated logistics and Legislation.

The PROMETEO project

Part of the Prometeo Project Conference, centred on technical training in transport and logistics, aimed at creating partnerships with schools, municipality and companies to discuss the launch of a course in logistics.

We are proud to be able to operate in the activation of traineeships, internships and training courses. Investing in training projects today means being able to achieve goals in the future.

— Concetta Torello

Torello has become a Graduation Thesis

Entering universities also thanks to the students. Mr. Emilio Zavallone – of the University of Sannio – discussed his dissertation on Economy and Management of Service Companies choosing Torello as the subject of his final study course.



Out of a class of about 40 students, 15 have applied for pre-interviews.


Out of 40 enrolled in the Master, 19 have chosen to do the interview with Torello.

The employment rate of students one year after the Diploma
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