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Training projects and collaborations

In order to understand and manage a transport and logistics system, as well as train the competent resources, a collaboration between actors in the training and in the production fields is needed. Torello is intent in establishing a contact with the bodies that promote vocational training, an aspect in which resources and energy are invested.


That of Universities is not an unknown territory for Torello. A profound knowledge of the market has enabled the company to become part of the network of partners of the Bocconi within the MEMIT - Master in Economics and Transport, Logistics and Infrastructure Management – that includes all the main actors in the sector, for the purpose of connecting students and companies by creating opportunities that can develop into concrete proposals. A lecture at the Bocconi to talk about the company and take part in a stimulating exchange with the students through a dialogue phase aimed at assessing the course and the training activities.

Torello promotes development by focusing on human resources, on their personal and professional growth. The training projects are all approved by the MIT – Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.


TForm is an ongoing training and update project approved by MIT that enables to calibrate courses on different didactic topics: Corporate Quality, Food Safety, Integrated logistics and Legislation.

Torello’s attention to training is concretized through participatory round tables, assemblies and on-going projects that, in many cases, find common ground to establish future collaborations.

The PROMETEO project

Part of the Prometeo Project Conference, centred on technical training in transport and logistics, aimed at creating partnerships with schools, municipality and companies to discuss the launch of a course in logistics.

Fondazione ITS Piacenza

Members of the Assembly of the ITS Foundation for Sustainable Mobility and Logistics of Piacenza, a course that trains Senior technicians in the technological area of logistics and goods mobility.

Torello has become a Graduation Thesis

Entering universities also thanks to the students. Mr. Emilio Zavallone – of the University of Sannio – discussed his dissertation on Economy and Management of Service Companies choosing Torello as the subject of his final study course.

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