Transport of Dry and Temperature Controlled Goods - TN Torello

Transport specialists

Torello offers personalized solutions for the transport of any cargo, from dry goods to those in controlled temperature, operated with different types of vehicles and semi-trailers, from the combined to the intermodal trailer.

Transportation of goods at controlled temperatures

Trasporto a temperatura controllata

We handle the transportation of temperature-controlled goods with a fleet of more then 2000 vehicles. We have Euro 5/6 motor vehicles, different types of trailers and semi-trailers to meet all customer requirements. We handle the transportation of fruit and vegetable products, food products, plant and flower products and pharamceutical products distributing them on national and European markets. We meet international food safety standards known as HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – and European Community regulations regarding hygiene of foodstuffs EC 852/2004.

Transportation of dry goods

Trasporto merce secca

As far as the transportation of dry goods is concerned, we have always recorded a positive trend. We can quickly deliver for domestic and international markets all kinds of dry goods both for partial and complete loads and provide an attentive and professional packaging service, ranging from the supply of required materials up to securing the goods, making sure that they arrive upon destination intact and in the best conditions. Our staff also pays particular attention to the delicate loading/unloading phases and goods storage.

Railroad intermodal transport

Trasporto intermodale

A model of transport that is made possible by the services offered on the linked platform of Piacenza. A characteristic of this type of transport is that the goods are processed and managed in in-house warehouses and then loaded directly onto the train, which will deliver the goods to their destination. An investment that guarantees a rationalized and competitive logistic flow, as well as representing a socially responsible way to operate on the market.

Combined intermodal transport

Trasporto combinato

Combined transport represents a particular form of intermodal transport which implies the use of loading units that combine two different means of transport. In the road-rail combination, for example, we use the road vector to cover the initial and final stretches and the railroad vector to cover the more relevant part of the journey in terms of total distance. Road transport is kept to a minimum allowing, in this way, a reduction in CO2 emissions. A flexible and eco-friendly form of transportation.


  • 50% Food
  • 45% General Cargo
  • 4% Plant and Flowers
  • 1% Pharamceutical


  • 70% Fresh
  • 20% No Temp
  • 10% Frozen
Trasporto intermodale

+ kms covered - pollution

For hauls of over 800 km, and where the infrastructures are suitable, Torello uses the train. What does that mean? That every train departure takes 33 lorries off the road, significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

Trasporto combinato

On combined transport

Combined road-rail transport reduces CO2 emissions by 55% with respect to only road transport.

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