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Piacenza – Multipurpose area opened for Le Mose road hauliers

Requalifying the area took several months, but now it is ready and yesterday afternoon, with the participation of the mayor Paolo Dosi, the deputy-mayor Francesco Timpano, the senior planning officer, Silvio Bisotti and the Torello brothers – Umberto, Concetta and Antonio – a multipurpose terminal was opened inside the Le

Torello wins the Cribis Prime Company award

Reliability, from every perspective, is one of the values on which we have built Torello. This is why, when we won the Cribis Prime Company award, it was a very satisfying moment. A very important reference, which attests to the utmost commercial reliability of our company. This acknowledgement – based on the CRIBIS D&B

(Italiano) Un nuovo modo di raccontare il Gruppo Torello

From today we tell the Torello Group through infographics, a new way for us to tell our story that was born from the need to find codes and languages ​​closer to the user. And we start from Torello Transport & Logistics, a key brand for the entire group that dictates

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