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Torello Trasporti & Logistica has a fleet of vehicles in continuous expansion, a fact that allows the company to collaborate with other companies. In fact, given the large number of semi-trailers, Torello gives other companies the possibility of using them. The trucks equipped with towing system can be used for specific category of goods, thus enabling their clients to transport them.

The company also provides semi-trailers with different kinds of equipment and load capacities, tilting vehicles, with sliding side tarpaulins, with and without sidings, isothermal refrigerated vehicles equipped with refrigerator, multi-temperature refrigerating unit… all of them state of the art, guaranteeing prompt availability and proposing collaboration solutions both for occasional needs and/or longer periods. The semi-trailers are available at our terminal and can circulate throughout all of Europe.
All vehicles are insured and undergo periodical maintenance guaranteed by the manufacturer for the entire national and international areas.

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