Torello Branches from South to North: welcome to 2019

In every city, at the crossroads of each shared and participatory decision with all those who continue to be part of the Group, those who live far from home, those who have settled in another city, those who realize the possibility of building the Torello project.

We wanted to stop for a moment to collect from the various Branches the moments worth a toast of the days that preceded the beginning of the year. 2018 has been shaped by those who commit themselves daily to continue on existing paths and to innovate processes and services, to enter new roads which are increasingly responding to market expectations.

It was a year of new partnerships. Torello has found its dimension within authoritative associations, such as ANITA; we have established and consolidated relations with Universities and training organizations throughout Italy, participated in important events around Europe, opened and developed new offices, obtained important certifications, acquired new international customers. And we did it all together. Nobody has ever settled on the goals achieved.

2018 was a year of growth, perhaps unprecedented, and protection of our brand: because the Torello project requires courage, dedication and participation. Not just for the Group but for the entire local and national community in which we are hosted.

Each Torello branch is a place for arrivals, meetings and departures. Just like every New Year. We would like to look to the future with this present: 2019.