Torello adds to the fleet with the delivery of 40 IVECO S-WAY. LNG provides half of the energy.

Twenty vehicles powered by liquid methane and diesel winds join the IVECO S-WAY fleet of  40 vehicles. The delivery ceremony took place on January 11th, in the presence of Matteo  Innaco, Commercial Director concessionaire IVECO Mecar, Fabrizio Buffa, Responsible  Medium Range and Heavy IVECO Market Italy, and Amato Trunfio, Italy Retail & Portfolio  Manager IVECO Capital. Venti mezzi alimentati a metano liquido e venti a gasolio segnano  l’ingresso in flotta di 40 IVECO S-WAY.  

The participation of Nicola, Umberto, Antonio, and Annachiara Torello strengthens the  Family’s intergenerational commitment to supporting sustainable investments, as expressed  by Antonio Torello: “Opening the new year with a delivery is exciting; doing so with IVECO  and its S-WAY, particularly those powered by LNG, adds a plus that knows about  sustainability and responsibility. For us, these new additions to the fleet mean expanding  and diversifying the fleet to meet the needs of a market that is becoming more aware of  environmental, social, and economic dynamics. This delivery is an addition to the integrated  logistics package that the Torello Group offers the client “. 

Yes, all 40 IVECO S-WAYs are outfitted with cutting-edge fuel-saving systems such as  predictive GPS, intelligent auxiliary systems, and Smart EGR. The aerodynamically  optimized cab design allows for an additional 4% reduction in fuel consumption. 

Fabrizio Buffa, Head of Media and Heavy Range IVECO Mercato Italia, expressed his pride  in this delivery: “The Torello Group is a historical entrepreneurial reality that has made a  tangible contribution to the operation of our industry. With the inclusion in the fleet of the new  40 IVECO S-WAY, half of which are powered by natural gas, the company confirms its  commitment to efficient and sustainable transport. As a result, we are honored to devote our  resources and services to the logistics signed Torello “. 

“For us at Mecar, this delivery has a very relevant meaning, not only because we kick off the  new year in the name of the concepts that have always accompanied us: sustainability,  customer centrality, vision sharing with our partner Iveco, but above all because it marks the  beginning of the new year,” said Matteo Innaco, Sales Director dealership IVECO Mecar.