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Another Actros contractor conquers the Torello fleet

Another tractor company Mercedes-Benz tractor company Actros 1848 LS Flat Floor arrives at its destination. Deliveries continue to be integrated into the vehicle fleet, consisting exclusively of owned vehicles in order to guarantee direct control over the quality of services. It is an imperative of Torello to focus on performing

Torello Branches from South to North: welcome to 2019

In every city, at the crossroads of each shared and participatory decision with all those who continue to be part of the Group, those who live far from home, those who have settled in another city, those who realize the possibility of building the Torello project. We wanted to stop

Torello present at the ALIS General Assembly 2018

We meet again in Rome, again at the Auditorium Parco della Musica to participate in the ALIS 2018 General Assembly: two years ago we took part in the establishment of ALIS as a founding member and as time passed we’ve shared objectives and activities, also participating in the First General

Torello at the Rome Gastronomy Festival for a talk show

« The transport of wine and oil, between excellence, traceability and sustainability » is the title of the talk show held Saturday 27th October in Rome at the Officine Farneto. An interesting dialogue between two seemingly opposing worlds but which, on the other hand, are intimately linked: on the one hand, food

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