TN Torello - Freight transport, Logistic Services and integrated logistics in Italy and Europe

Torello contributes to the reduction of transportation’s environmental impact. That’s a fact.

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The Torello fleet offers customized solutions to manage any load, from dry goods to the temperature-controlled products - performed with many types of vehicles and semi-trailers - for intermodal transport.

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To ensure a presence throughout the market, Torello has developed a network of platforms located throughout the country used for warehousing, distribution and integrated logistics.

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From warehouse to point of sale. Torello manages the distribution network from the site of production to the external customer, and the culmination of the distribution channel. To ensure a complete service to the customer.

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Why choose Torello

  • Number of vehicles

    The extension of our fleet enables us to ensure a prompt response to the client’s needs with our vast choice of vehicles.

  • Type of vehicles for different products

    Increase in different requirements, variety of goods and different types of vehicles to best transport them. Every request has its appropriate solution.

  • An integral and client encompassing approach

    Torello doesn’t merely respond to a need but it pursues a total approach to the client’s requirements. To be by the client’s side in all the projects.

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27.000 sqm

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Events Calendar

(Italiano) Festival della Gastronomia di Roma – Talk Show: Il trasporto di vino e olio

27 October 2018 Officine Farneto, Roma

WConnecta Madrid 2018 – 9ª edizione

26 October 2018 Madrid Marriott Auditorium

Career Week – Recruiting Day

12 October 2018 Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope

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A Group that moves people, services, results and … the future. The advertising spot 2017.

Safety Culture

Torello is sharing a culture that promotes the values ​​of security.

Torello Moving Strategies

Rebranding the Gruppo Torello as expressed in infographics.