Castel San Pietro platform: the numbers and the quality

Twenty kilometres from Bologna and not far from the manufacturing districts of Modena, Parma and Reggio Emilia, the warehouse is located in a strategic area.

The Supply Chain Partner

Integrated logistics designs and solutions for national and multinational companies. Your reference in the transport and logistics sector.

Torello is among Italy's Best Employers 2024

The ranking brings together the top companies in Italy evaluated on the basis of an independent survey organized by Statista and Corriere della Sera.

The Top 1000 logistics service providers

The XXII Ranking of Il Giornale della Logistica highlights an increasingly growing sector. Torello’s position in 2023.

Torello, logistics solutions for the growth of companies

Torello is the ideal logistics partner for companies aiming for growth with a well-tested formula: tailor-made moving strategies.

Land transport: road and rail

Full truckload (FTL), Less than truckload (LTL) and groupage shipments traceable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. National and International transport and last-mile distribution services are guaranteed by a proprietary fleet of over 4.000 vehicles for temperature-controlled shipments and general cargo.

Contract logistics: strategic outsourcing

The client is offered the management of all warehouse flows on platforms located in strategic territorial areas. Solutions for controlled and non-controlled temperature storage, made more efficient by RFID technology and EDI interconnection between the information systems of the parties involved.

Value-added services: for advanced logistics

The proposal to the customer includes, in addition to storage spaces, a wide range of value-added services ranging from quality control, copacking, packaging, selection of goods, handling, labelling, distribution for e-commerce, logistica in house, pallet pooling. Space befitting the growth in demand.

A choice that matters

Choosing a partner like Torello means relying on a company with important tangible assets that have a calculable value. So what really makes the difference?

This space is designed to tell the story of a solid business, but there is something here that is fundamental to boosting the numbers…

Small steps towards the future

The sustainable logistics supply chain

Logistics must be a tool for growth for everyone, not at the expense of others. Creating sustainable conditions is a duty.


Join the family!

Growing means enriching yourself also thanks to others. Whatever your contribution, do it as if you were family!

Feel transport

Torello services work best when there is a commonality of values. Feel Transport is the story of emotional transport that binds people, active subjects of the logistics chain.

Torello entrusts them with the opportunity to explain the advantages of working together when the values ​​of two worlds meet. Because offering excellent services is a duty, but being proud to work with a company is more important. It’s a necessary feeling.

Feel transport is you!

Torello x Decathlon | CAC Factory Project

Il progetto di logistica integrata diventato una partnership che si ispira alla sostenibilità.