A history of values

Torello was born as a road carrier in 1975 from a family unit and retains its human relationship. Today it is a partner of integrated logistics solutions and the ideal interlocutor for an increasingly personalized and sustainable distribution that requires high quality standards and precise technical skills.

A complete provider, Torello offers services that cover transport, warehouse logistics and last-mile distribution.

Flexible solutions capable of having a positive impact on the entire logistics chain by involving client companies in defining projects.

The company was born from the entrepreneurial intuition of Nicola Torello and is today managed by his sons Umberto, Concetta and Antonio with the same values ​​as always.

Nicola Torello


He founded the company in 1975 and still represents it today as President.
As a profound expert in the sector, he supports the Management with his experience and example.

“The bond that is created with people is the most vital force. Only by knowing people is it possible to transmit values ​​to them.”

Umberto Torello

Umberto Torello

Chief Operating Officer

Concetta Torello

Concetta Torello

Chief Financial Officer

Antonio Torello

Antonio Torello

Chief Technical Officer

Moving strategies

The role of intermediary between the world of production and the consumer places Torello at the center of a supply chain that is increasingly also playing a role of guidance and stimulus towards more sustainable production and consumption models.

The ability to continue to renew services and invest in long-lasting, quality relationships is Torello’s differentiating proposition. Because we don’t know what the future holds but knowing that you can count on a logistics partner guarantees competitiveness and strength in national and international scenarios.

The Torello moving strategies arise from a study of the characteristics of the customer and his market sector.

The latest updates

Feel transport

We are constantly moving, everything can change from one day to the next, but it is the understanding between people that guarantees the quality of the service. Quality capable of turning into facts.

This identification mechanism is a daily job in which people participate with an involvement that makes them an active part of the logistics chain.

Torello considers it a necessary feeling to build valid partnerships because services work when there are common values, when sharing becomes an experience of growth.

Feel transport conveys Torello values.

The latest updates


TN Service - Transport ally

Specializing in assistance, maintenance and repair of industrial and commercial vehicles, TN Service is the Group’s technical point of reference.

DIF Network - The cold chain

Distribuzione Italiana Food is the network that supports the temperature-controlled groupage service for food & beverage with widespread coverage in all provinces.

TN Logistica - In synergy with Torello flows

TN Logistica brings together under a single brand the foreign companies of the Torello Group that transport goods by road in Europe.

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