Q8 Quaser and Torello together for ever more sustainable mobility

28 Jul, 2023

Another small step towards sustainable mobility was taken today in Piacenza with the presentation of a commercial agreement with Q8 Quaser. The agreement involves filling our fleet with the innovative Q8 HVO+ product, a biofuel produced from renewable raw materials with an exclusive formula.

The base product for the formulation of Q8 HVO+ is HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), a biogenic and renewable biofuel, which is in line with the principles of the circular economy as it is produced through the hydrogenation of vegetable or animal fats and/or scraps, residues and waste. Q8’s unique formulation combines HVO with the latest generation of specific detergent products, which further enhance the reduction of emissions while preserving the proper functioning of the engine over time. Compared to traditional diesel, Q8 HVO+ enables significant reduction, up to 90%, in CO2 emissions calculated over the entire lifecycle of the product. The new product is compatible with most of the latest diesel engines, as it is absolutely comparable with traditional diesel fuel.

The supply agreement provides for Q8 Quaser to deliver about 30,000 litres per month of HVO+ which we will use for first and last mile distribution missions.

Today sustainable logistics faces many challenges. Growing environmental awareness, customer demands, stricter regulations and fast technological development are putting pressure on the logistics sector for it to adopt more sustainable practices. Among the main challenges are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving energy efficiency. Overcoming these challenges requires an integrated approach, adopting innovative technologies, collaboration between the various supply chain actors and a long-term vision to build a truly sustainable logistics system. We have always been mindful of our environmental impact, and our agreement with Q8 Quaser is aimed at improving the sustainability of the supply chain.

“The conclusion of this agreement with a major player in Italian logistics also testifies to Q8 Quaser’s firm commitment to energy transition and ever more sustainable mobility. Research, innovation and a lower environmental impact of the energy product mix are the drivers that will support the decarbonisation of transport in the coming years. And Q8 Quaser continues to actively contribute to this process’”, Giovanni Romano, CEO of Q8 Quaser, commented.

And Antonio Torello added: “When in 1992 my brothers and I took the reins of the family business, we put innovation at the centre of our company’s development, as we were aware that innovation is essential to go ahead towards the future. Q8 Quaser is the ideal partner to tackle the new paradigm of sustainable mobility. We have utmost confidence in the new Q8 HVO+ and today we are further equipped to meet the important challenges of sustainability”.