With one of the most varied and extensive fleets in Europe, Torello designs suitable solutions for different companies. Through its loading units it transports general cargo and temperature-controlled goods.

By taking advantage of the best combination of carriers, Torello guarantees coverage of a distribution network that enjoys the advantages offered by the various modes of transport. Solutions for long distances in which the rubber is functional for the last mile.

Full load | National and International FTL

Shuttle service
Torello also develops shuttle services between different locations of the same company that have warehouses and production plants located in different places. The connection between the sites makes the most of the potential of a continuously operated process.

Complete distribution
Coverage of the entire transport chain, from collection to unloading at the end customer. Torello operates by carrying out collection and departure from the companies’ production sites or from their branches, including the preparation of orders where required.

Warehouse storage and management
The placement of goods within warehouses can be limited to storage or include a series of operations that go beyond the simple storage of goods: reception, quality control, inventory, order preparation, picking, e-commerce…

End-to-end technology solutions
Using E2E technology, Torello coordinates the entire distribution chain, starting with suppliers and ending with the end customer. The flow of information generates perfect synchronization between all actors in the supply chain.

Groupage | National and International LTL

Daily departures and defined times. The domestic market can rely on a network of Hubs and Transit Points distributed throughout all regions of Italy.

The capillarity of the distribution network allows Torello to manage direct collection and delivery thanks to an ally: Distribuzione Italiana Food, the Network specialized in the last-mile delivery of food & beverage products throughout Italy, to large-scale retail trade channels, local shops and Horeca. Always at the right temperature.

Starting from a single pallet or package.

Limited quantities of goods to distribute? They are consolidated into a single shipment from order to distribution, throughout Europe.

The international import and export groupage service covers both last-mile distribution and warehouse activities and can be carried out for general cargo and positive temperature-controlled goods 0/+4°C.

Last mile

The last step that closes the supply chain with delivery to the customer is the phase that presents the most variables and complexity.

Last mile logistics does not necessarily imply short routes and destinations in exclusively urban areas but also involves long-distance freight transport.

We find ourselves at a time when the last mile is being redefined. Torello collaborates closely and synergistically with retail and consumer goods production companies to put into practice effective and sustainable last mile solutions for each distribution channel, both for orders destined for points of sale and for orders received from e-commerce.

Torello’s commitment to transport solutions that can improve deliveries is constant because it is through this service that the goods finally reach their destination.

Varied and sustainable fleet

Over 4.000 units. The Torello fleet is made up of multi-temperature refrigerated semitrailers, boxed ones and burglar-proof tarpaulins.

Over 90% of the trucks are made up of Euro VI machines, with new LNG and hybrid vehicles which contribute to the desire to mitigate climate change and the containment of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere in the name of increasingly sustainable mobility.

A fleet composed in this way improves working comfort, reduces environmental impact, increases management efficiency by containing vehicle maintenance costs. Such a few means of ownership guarantee the continuity and quality of services on the national and international territory.

Customer care

A support that constantly follows the customer in all his needs and responds promptly to requests. Torello’s customer care is a department with the function of interface with the customer, and often with the driver himself, aimed at understanding the needs to provide operational solutions in the shortest possible time since it considers the different product categories treated.

A cloud system guarantees access to customers via username and password where the digitized transport documents are available. But it’s not just this. The aim is to create a direct relationship by skipping all the intermediate links in case of difficulty. It is precisely in this passage that the relationship becomes closer and more lasting. A way to thank those who put their trust in Torello.

360° security

A culture inspired by reliability on which Torello has built a solid reputation.
The prevention measures adopted deal with human resources, loading of goods, vehicles and warehouses.

Torello attributes a fundamental role to safety: in the traceability through advanced control systems with remote detection of the temperatures of the goods both during transport and storage, in the protection of human resources thanks to continuous training courses and travel planning in consideration of driving/rest times, in the reliability of vehicles equipped with anti-burglary systems and doors with anti-racking function and subjected to constant preventive maintenance service and, finally, in compliance with the regulations governing the host countries. With the recognition of the Border Force Torello is among the companies accredited to enter the borders in the United Kingdom.

Monitoring = Visibility

A complete view of the entire logistics process.
The use of EDI technology, among the most consolidated in the B2B sector especially in markets such as large-scale retail trade or production chains, favors the dematerialization and automated exchange of all the information produced in the logistics chain relationships (loading, unloading, orders, invoices, etc…). Torello uses an ERP that regulates the distribution and entry of goods activities, giving the customer the possibility of viewing the status through an operational/management part and a control part.

The traceability of goods from entry to delivery includes digital temperature detection via TrailerCOLD BLUE, a system that certifies the maintenance of the cold chain by recovering the data remotely to provide it, on request, in real time.

Real-time fleet monitoring, route tracking, trip reports, roadmaps, and speed profiles. Torello exercises total control over the logistics process.

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