Italy’s Best Employers 2024: Torello enters the rankings

4 Jan, 2024

Torello has the heart of a company that performs well and makes people feel good, according to Italy’s Best Employers 2024, the ranking of the most virtuous companies on the Italian scene, with Torello Trasporti s.r.l. entering with a score of 7.96.

”We have been rewarded for our commitment to the well-being of our employees, a recognition that we were lacking!‘ Concetta Torello is pleased with the news, but also satisfied with the trust that has been placed in the projects underway. ”The labour market has been changing dramatically for years. The new generations are looking for projects that can simultaneously integrate values and new ways of working. We felt that these would be the assets of the future.”

The ranking includes the top 450 companies in Italy, evaluated on the basis of an independent survey organised by the Statista platform and involving the readers of the Corriere della Sera.

A post-pandemic litmus test is certainly the internal well-being of a company, the absence of which is a symptom of possible structural problems such as job insecurity and an uncertain economic climate, and it is no coincidence that Torello has maintained high standards of employer attractiveness despite the difficult period.

The need to make workplaces ever more cohesive, inclusive and participative has broadened the concept of welfare to include well-being, which refers to a more general sense of well-being based on work-life balance, a status that encompasses social, financial and professional aspects.

Our environmentally and socially responsible management confirms that we are a company in constant evolution, capable of attracting and retaining new talent and channelling our efforts towards new and ambitious sustainability goals.

“We want to be the best employer for more than 2,000 people across our sites. This gives us an important insight, which is that people feel the same well-being in all areas of Torello. “Our goal is to have this company ‘recommendable’ to friends, acquaintances and family, by its employees and other workers in the sector”, Concetta Torello reflected in conversation. “This recognition is the result of synergetic work, and where there is synergy, there is always growth.”

With this in mind, the Torello family is always ready to welcome new members and invites anyone interested to take a look at the regularly updated vacancies in the Careers section of this website!