Sectors served


Between the food industry and the consumer there is a fundamental link represented by the logistics operator of which Torello acts as an interpreter, maintaining control and quality along the entire supply chain: from the point of origin to the final consumer.


The complexity of the fashion market requires partners prepared from all points of view: operational and strategic. Torello, as a provider of integrated logistics services, manages a complete logistics process: from the single piece to large volumes.


What does Torello offer? The continuous availability of products requested by consumers coincides with the greatest concern of producers. Torello provides services to retailers of all sizes and sectors: from large-scale organized distribution to small chains and local shops.


Raw materials, semi-finished products, industrial machinery, special materials. In the industrial sector, entire production lines can stop due to the availability of a single piece. Torello has dedicated logistics in store for every need, being able to guarantee coverage of all or part of the supply chain.


Transport of semi-finished and pre-assembled products and the entire supply of materials for the interior market of yachts, cruise ships and ferries. Torello’s services for the naval sector are varied and always customizable: from the production plant directly on board.


A global logistics market. E-commerce has extended the horizons of the logistics market to the whole world. The user purchases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which means loading/unloading goods in increasingly defined time slots. Torello is present from order to delivery (including everything between the two).