In the sector of pleasure boating and commercial ships, personalized services and solutions for managing delivery times and methods, given the particular category, make the difference. In Torello the difference lies in the consultancy experience, in the ability acquired in the field to indicate the most suitable solution to increase the value of the investment.

Torello's integrated logistics system offers specialized services in the nautical sector by means of totally dedicated vehicles and personnel, which can be positioned at customer factories or near the shipyards themselves. Storage and transport are carried out for everything needed to complete the outfitting of a yacht: fabrics, furnishings, engines, household appliances, electrical material... An IT system communicates with suppliers and customers, coordinating all phases of logistics.

Customer care follows all logistical transport and delivery procedures and is always available to assist the customer.

Handling and logistics for the nautical sector require a logistics partner capable of ensuring high quality. It is a plus that deserves to be highlighted in the logistics chain.

Who can benefit from the service?
The various differentiated segments of the sector: from luxury yachting to ferries, for private or commercial use.

The activities:

  • Specialized fleet of vehicles;
  • Complementary services;
  • Track & trace service;
  • Specialized handling equipment;
  • Delivery on site;
  • Staff dedicated to handling at construction sites;
  • Dedicated customer care.
Select the type of service you need by following the contact link, you will be assigned a manager for your sector who will give you the necessary information.