A viable route

What is sustainability? Values ​​and concrete actions. They are the first to move the second. On this belief Torello has laid the foundations of a healthy development strategy which has fostered a reliable reputation from a social, environmental and financial point of view.

Torello is attentive to issues concerning sustainability seen as a cultural change that involves all the companies in the Group.

It is a challenge that goes from an approach aimed at reducing the impact of human activity on the environment, to making economic growth compatible to gradually arriving at new development models. Only by considering sustainability in its triple aspect does a company become capable of generating value over time, for itself and for its partners.

You don’t get there by chance. You get there by planting one seed at a time.

What is it?

The Green Logistic Automation Platform is a process patent recognized in 2020, the result of a Research & Development project started in 2016. GLAP concerns the efficiency of the logistics management of goods with the aim of enhancing the quality of services from a green perspective.

What purpose does it serve?

Optimize consumption and reduce waste.. With the support of GLAP technology it aims to monitor and reduce harmful emissions, automate logistics phases, reduce costs in relation to warehouses, transport, and personnel, optimize routes/journeys, simplify reports on safety, traceability and compliance.

How does it work?

GLAP brings together technologies and people, from order acquisition to post-service analysis. It is based on the principles of Industry 4.0 and uses processes such as IoT, predictive analysis, real time-traceability that allow the transformation of data into information to support business decisions.

GLAP represents an idea of ​​sustainable development based on concrete actions that involve collaboration between technologies and people. It crosses Torello in a transversal way because it represents the vision that made its development possible: from people to processes to people.

The innovative scope of GLAP does not lie in producing new technologies but in making the best use of those available by connecting work processes and making corrections in real time.

Environmental sustainability

The commitment to preserving the resources that the Earth has in a limited way is the first responsibility to which everyone is called. Individuals, Companies, Communities. It is not possible to ignore it because environmental sustainability is the most invoked but also the most evident, and it is so for a very specific reason: it concerns the very survival of man on Earth.

Torello sets objectives and implements actions in the present to try to reduce the impact generated by its activity by integrating technologies and innovations available and within its reach. Earth and man, a balance is possible.

Social sustainability

The commitment to guaranteeing well-being conditions for people and ensure that opportunities are equally distributed is felt as a responsibility. For this reason, Torello promotes initiatives where equality, in its broadest sense, is seen as the realization of personal values.

Torello focuses heavily on training as a vehicle for social inclusion because in addition to allowing the development of knowledge and skills, training promotes inclusion, the possibility of innovation and development, and employability in the job market.

Economic sustainability

The ability to consistently produce income and work is the goal of every company because growth is one of the paradigms of the economy. Torello considers income as an enabling factor in achieving a balance between work and the personal sphere, necessary to put any business strategy into practice.

Being sustainable from an economic point of view means creating the conditions to be reliable since environmental and social sustainability are within the realm of possibility when the numbers add up. Torello is concerned with growing a healthy company by nurturing a circularity that is good for everyone.