Torello’s cold chain is “digital”. The logistic journal introduces TrailerCOLD BLUE

30 Aug, 2021

The detection of the temperature of the cargo area recorded on the thermal receipt is exceeded.
The Logistic Journal tells about our latest technological innovation: TrailerCOLD BLUE, the new system to detect temperatures certified by Cemafroid, a france organization.
In a nutshell, we have replaced the paper thermal receipt, issued by the thermo recorder, with a digital version.
During the interview, Tommaso Santoro, Torello’s IT Manager, and Michele Penna, TN Service’s Project Manager – our partner in transports, especially in service, maintenance, and repair of industrial and commercial vehicles – have explained the features and benefits of the new temperature detection system.

How can the client be sure about the preservation of the cold chain?
The receipt issued by the Thermo recorder, the device for detecting the temperature that is on board the semi-trailer, which until now has shown the precision of temperatures.
Changing this information in data was the goal that TrailerCOLD BLUE achieved, which allowed it to get back the remote data and give it back in digital form to anyone that required real-time.

TrailerCOLD BLUE Project. Development Partnership and Synergy Business
Different partners have been involved to support the project: we worked with TN Service, Sistemisoft – digital partner for the logistics and safety on the road – and Cemafroid, an international company of certification, the guarantee of conformity, and performance of the cold chain and air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
The company approves instruments and technologies that have the task of monitoring the temperature of semi-trailers.

Trailercold BLUE has been a requirement that is part of the project dedicated to sustainability, as well as GLAP.
“We have embarked on a path aimed at substantially changing the work processes, in a technological and digital key, with innovative solutions that can make the logistics of those who rely on us greener”.

Daniel Grimaldi, Marketing & Communication Coordinator, has emphasized the awareness to study more sustainable services in the long term.
Trailercold BLUE agrees to the amendment of the Uni En 12830 of September 2018, the technical legislation of the sector that has introduced a new concept of temperature recording in a remote time, and the advantages that it entails has important repercussions in economic terms, environmental, and transport safety.