More space for integrated logistics

The focus of integrated logistics is the warehouse, from which valuable information comes to be able to anticipate market peaks and falls. The operations generated daily in the platforms allow information to be combined and thus implement the integration of processes at each logistical step: between actors, between transport systems, between technologies.

Inbound and outbound logistics

Everything that is necessary for production. Torello can manage all material procurement and storage activities, starting from the collection of raw materials or semi-finished products, through to inventory management, quality control, packaging of materials and replenishment of production lines.

The logistics of finished products that need to be placed directly on the market is different. In this case, if applicable, Torello takes care of the storage, picking, packaging, labeling of the packages and distribution of the finished products up to the last mile.

Our pallet pooling service is based on improved resource planning that meets the requirements of sustainable distribution, by which companies rent only the pallets they actually need, which is the preferred option for those requiring smaller quantities.

In-house logistics

In the event of problems that impede a company’s logistical flow, such as order delays, stock issues or a shortage of personnel and experience, Torello offers an in-house logistics management solution, operating directly in the customer’s warehouse.

Without having to relocate the warehouse, customers eliminate the costs of acquiring new storage space by using Torello to improve the organisation of already existing internal space and map the logistics processes.
Torello functions as a third party logistics provider (3PL), operating on site in the customer’s warehouse or at the production plant.

Temperature-controlled warehouses

In every logistical step, the continuity of the cold chain.

The temperature-controlled warehouses are set to specific ranges within which the different types of products must be stored to guarantee the preservation of their organoleptic properties.

Torello stands out for the wide availability of differentiated spaces and the ability to treat different types of products with different temperature ranges:

  •  0/+4°C;
  • positive controlled temperature;
  • ambient.

The environments dedicated to fresh food are equipped with multi-temperature cells with relative temperature certification and generators that protect the goods from any power interruptions that could damage the stored products.

ORGANIC warehouses

Logistics partner for companies operating in the organic market.

Following the growing demand from customers active in the food sector, Torello has certified and increased the spaces reserved for organic products, in compliance with the requirements of EC regulation 834/2007 and national sector legislation.

In fact, the organic certification of the warehouse imposes certain requirements:

  • the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System;
  • the HACCP declaration of conformity;
  • compliance with EC regulation 834/2007.
Customs warehouse and tax warehouse

Torello is equipped with warehouses authorized by the Customs Agency for the storage and processing of goods abroad, under the regime of suspension of VAT and excise duties, with customs clearance times of 24/48 hours.

A customs warehouse is intended for the storage of goods coming from non-EU countries under the control of the customs authorities. During the period the products remain in these centers, the company that stores them is exempt from paying taxes and customs duties until the goods are sent to their destination.

If the customs warehouse is dedicated to non-EU producers, the tax warehouse also allows national and EU products to be held under tax suspension until the time of collection for their distribution in the reference market. DIF Network, a subsidiary of Torello, was granted this authorization for the purposes of logistics management of alcohol and wine. Thanks to these advantages, DIF and Torello are logistics partners of numerous alcohol importers and producers.

It is with the idea of ​​production support that the Torello platforms were born. They have different characteristics, starting from the type of goods received, it is therefore important to specify the position and composition of the spaces which help to guarantee delivery times adequate for the type of goods.

The platforms work at full capacity 24/7 and are equipped for integrated logistics. The references managed belong to a variety of customers, for which they have very different logistical needs, but the structures are ready to welcome goods destined for both modern channels (Great Distribution and Organised Distribution) and traditional ones and HO.RE.CA.

The platforms

Specialization: Food & FMCG - 0/+4°C - Industrial - HUB DIF
MQ: 14.000
Specialization: Food & FMCG - Retail - E-commerce
MQ: 13.700
Specialization: Food & FMCG - 0/+4°C - HUB DIF
MQ: 21.500
Specialization: Food & FMCG - Retail - Industrial
MQ: 53.200
Specialization: Food & FMCG - Naval - Tax Warehouse

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