A solid financial strategy for Torello: CRIBIS Prime Company reconfirmed

10 Jun, 2022

Business reliability returns to the centre of attention with another important confirmation that arrived in these days: CRIBIS is a certainty and one thing is to obtain the certification, but it is another matter to reconfirm year after year the permanence among the élite of safe companies. On the one hand because it is a guarantee towards suppliers and staff, on the other hand the promise is still kept for all the enterprises that have chosen Torello as trading partner.

A solid financial strategy

The recognition of  highest economic-commercial reliability assigned by the corporate rating company CRIBIS D&B, leading company in the field of business information that collects reports about more than 200 millions of companies in more than 230 countries, arrives after weeks from the conferment of Highest Budget Honour confirmed for the third consecutive year by Felix Industry.

The new challenges that already have committed the team with our CFO Concetta Torello in the lead are necessary in order to keep going on all together towards the aims: “We are monitoring this result since 2017. I feel like it’s a team work, an evidence of a virtuous path in respect of partners that ask for more transparency. The need of transparency was born in response to growing demand of knowing about safety, quality and the provenance of companies and receive clear and complete informations that preserve who invest”.

 Certification as this one puts more and more to the centre the professionality and the work of who manages the credit as enabling factor to achieve a balance that is not an exclusive of the administrative department but a necessary condition of the implementation of any strategy.