Concrete actions and environmental sustainability: Torello’s GLAP project has been patented

30 Sep, 2020

The call to be eco-friendly has taken on a note of urgency. We’ve earmarked this priority with investments in Research & Development, and we’re proud to tell you that it’s yielded a positive result: GLAP has been recognized as a patent. A project launched in 2016 on a programme of innovation and digitisation aimed at offering all stakeholders a more efficient, high-performing and eco-sustainable supply chain management service. The Green Logistic Automation Platform endorses our sustainability and service centred way of working (with a high level of service always guaranteed), without irreparably compromising the quality of the environment.

Let us first explain, in more detail, how goods logistics management is made more efficient.

From vehicles to people to processes. GLAP is interconnection.

What is it?
G.L.A.P. is a process patent that covers all the logistic phases of the Torello Group, with a single aim: to reduce pollutants.

How does it work?
GLAP creates a system for all the technologies, resources and infrastructures we use, meaning that they are all connected and coordinated, and directly involved in the work processes. It is based on the core principles of Industry 4.0 – automation and interconnection – and uses processes such as IoT, predictive analysis, and Real Time-Traceability that enable data and information , generated by technologies, to be transformed into values , which in turn guides business decisions and consequently increases efficiency.

There are infinite patents aiming to make transport greener, but the modifications they propose only take place after data analysis. Our patent goes a step further, and offers solutions in real-time. With this innovation, technologies certainly are a very effective lever, but the innovative scope of GLAP is not so much to produce new technologies but rather to make the best use of those already available by linking together operational processes.

But above all, GLAP embodies the philosophy that led to its development: a vision that sweeps through the companies of the Torello Group, starting from the acquisition of the order – through the planning of routes, the drivers’ driving style and the data collected during the movement of goods, up to the GPS systems or connections to the internet for real-time sharing of all logistic phases and post-service analysis – and then through to the maintenance of vehicles with the TN Service and the streamlining of the platforms with the sharing of space via the DIF Network. All in order to power a cycle that extends the life and value of products and services.

A cultural transformation that involves all Torello team members across all the companies of the Group where everyone, each with their own profile, contributes to providing services that deserve to be trusted, because they are designed in a way that efficiently and strategically allocates resources.

It is a challenge that is being played out in the immediate present if it is to have positive effects on the future from this very moment; a challenge that starts from an approach aimed at reducing the impact of human activity on the environment, making economic growth compatible and gradually moving towards new development models.

We haven’t come this far by sheer luck. Torello, with Strategies that meet the future, and in particular with video #2 of the campaign, had already sown a seed for a more complete vision of sustainable development aimed at carrying out concrete actions through coordination between activities: all of which could be done via means, tools, and people.

Sustainability is a viable way forward. We’re doing as much as we can.