Torello, Deco Industrie, and Unilever for Ravenna Civil Protection

12 Jan, 2023

Deco Industrie manufactured them in Imola factories (Packaging Imolese), Unilever commissioned them for Civil Protection, and we distributed them.

We banded together to do what we always do best and donated a load of sanitizing products to Ravenna’s
Civil Protection: On Tuesday, January 10, 55,872 bottles of 80ml and 142,500 50ml tubes worth over
100,000€ were delivered to the Civil Protection warehouses in the presence of Giuseppe Di Bono, Director of Foreign Market and Industrial Third Parties of Deco Industrie, Umberto Torello and Marco Mengozzi, COO and Sales Manager Torello, and Daniele Rotatori, President of the Association of Civil Protection Volunteers R.C. Mistral ODV.

The products will be delivered to Ravenna’s Casa Circondariale, as well as some city lodgings, with a portion heading to Ukraine.

There is a lot of talk about charity, but we can do more to help those who care for the most vulnerable people in the country, especially in light of the pandemic and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. We must begin with our neighborhoods. Collaboration between territorial actors such as enterprises, third-sector agencies, and public agencies, as well as category and foundation associations, is especially important in this. Partnerships are a powerful tool for increasing support.

To maximize collaborations, simply do what you can. When it is said to participate according to one’s own capabilities, it refers to gestures of solidarity rather than grand gestures.

The same commitment of solidarity to reaffirm the values of their companies in the words of representatives who collaborated on the donation – “At a time like this plagued by numerous difficulties, we cannot fail to support the realities that work daily to support those who are in greatest difficulty because it is increasingly clear, today more than ever, that everyone must do their part to help those who remain behind”.

Those who band together will shape the future. Only through collaborative behavior can we assist others. Nobody goes anywhere alone. After all, what exactly is integrated logistics? To be in desperate need of the other.