Fresh, dried and frozen food products. Drinks, spirits and wine. The food industry represents the core business of Torello which has developed an activity with distinct methods and characteristics depending on the products.

Food is a product that arrives directly on consumers' tables and as such must be managed responsibly to preserve its organoleptic characteristics. A prerequisite for guaranteeing food safety are transport vehicles, storage facilities and personnel equipped with the authorizations and certifications necessary to carry out logistical activities.

The logistics spaces are certified and controlled environments for the conservation of products: from the temperature-controlled warehouse to the cold rooms to the dry warehouse for storage at ambient temperature. The vehicles transport exclusively food goods, avoiding cross contamination.

The solutions also include the possibility of combining value-added services.

Warehouse services include:

  • Unloading/loading with 24h temperature detection and recording;
  • Storage of goods, packages and pallets;
  • Repalletization with corners and straps (as per customer request);
  • Disposal of discarded goods;
  • Picking and cross-docking.

Quality Control (in reference to fruit and vegetable products):

  •  Internal and external temperature detection of the product
  • Gauge measurement
  • Brix test
  • Check packaging suitability
  • Check storage of pieces
  • Check color and hardness of the requested products.
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