What do consumers value?
The availability of the products.

What do producers value?
Speed ​​to market and management of seasonal peaks.

What solution?
The solution is offered by a trusted logistics operator, who knows you.

Distribution channels are increasingly closer to the consumer, a characteristic that has changed traditional distribution dynamics. Relying on a logistics operator like Torello means being able to bring advantages in relational and economic terms to customers, thus satisfying the consumer who, with his purchasing choices, becomes an integral part of the supply chain.

Torello is prepared for the management of cross-dock platforms and deliveries to distribution centers. Inventory control, end-to-end visibility and complete traceability of shipments are guaranteed by dedicated IT solutions. Torello is not limited to the management and movement of products but also suggests improvement actions thanks to the analysis of the data collected. The experience is put at the complete service of the retail channel.

What goods are we referring to with the vast retail sector?

  • Food products which includes items and activities distributed to consumers for their nourishment;

  • Consumer goods which include goods that can be used several times over time, such as clothing, but are still subject to rapid wear;

  • durable consumer goods, i.e. all those goods that can be used several times because they do not deteriorate quickly. So, appliances, dishes, furniture...

and various other market sectors ranging from Home & Personal Care (home and personal cleansing and hygiene), Food and Petfood.

The result?
Continuous product availability, time to dedicate to your core business and significant cost efficiency.

Retail services include several activities:

  • Deliveries in specific timeslots;
  • Deliveries directly to sales points and transport between customer stores;
  • Dedicated fleet with drivers trained to tackle the retail channel;
  • Shipment tracking;
  • Management, storage of goods and value-added services;
  • Delivery notification to the customer thanks to EDI flows.;
Select the type of service you need by following the contact link, you will be assigned a manager for your sector who will give you the necessary information.