It all starts from the industrial sector.
It is a truly broad segment for which Torello offers transport and storage solutions for raw materials, semi-finished products, industrial components and machinery, electrical and electronic products for the mechanical and automotive sectors... up to the delivery of the assembled product. For small, large, but also fragile loads.

To cover the supply chain from start to finish, or part of it, Torello designs logistics dedicated to the specific industrial sector - procurement, distribution, reverse logistics - ensuring production continuity.

The warehouses are interconnected via EDI with the customer's management systems. This connection guarantees visibility along the supply chain that allows you to control stock levels and incoming and outgoing flows, preventing entire production lines from blocking due to the unavailability of a single piece.

Torello insists on the need to evaluate a characteristic that is still very underestimated: the strategic nature of logistics in the industrial world. A context in which planning makes activities fluid, reduces risks along the logistics chain, avoiding hitches in the production process.

Another plus linked to the strategic vision that Torello proposes is the location of its warehouses between the production and/or assembly sites of the customer/supplier should the opportunity arise to set up a completely dedicated project.

The activities are many and customizable:

  • Inbound, outbound and reverse logistics management;
  • Movement of loads of various sizes;
  • Capillarity of warehouses in strategic points;
  • Just in time spare parts;
  • Management of customs aspects and documentation;
  • Tracking.
Select the type of service you need by following the contact link, you will be assigned a manager for your sector who will give you the necessary information.