When an online sale is made, the products stored in Torello warehouses are processed and shipped. But e-commerce management is not limited to the last step as it involves the entire logistics system, setting in motion an organised, rapid, optimised, efficient distribution system.

In essence, Torello stores retail goods and when orders arrive, it assembles them and delivers them to the store where they must be collected. Between the customer order and the collection in the store Torello works to optimize the process. It is the IT department that makes the information systems communicate, for the exchange of data, through EDI - Electronic Data Interchange processes. In this way, when the customer places the order, it is received directly, optimizing steps and times.

Torello is on the front line to support companies, aware that it is the pre-delivery operations that have a decisive impact on the end customer experience.

E-commerce has revolutionized retail by involving logistics, technology, marketing and human resources. Torello skilfully mixes all these aspects in every "logistics project". Who says e-commerce says digital systems? Of course, but in the Torello warehouses there is an extraordinary collaboration between people and technology.

Among the activities:

  • Receiving goods;
  • Picking and packing;
  • Product preparation (customized packaging);
  • Delivery to courier;
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