Torello, GTS and DIF innovate intermodal food logistics.

1 Feb, 2024

It is in the wake of innovation and responsibility that our partnership agreement with GTS, a rail transport operator from Bari, is based, which aims to strengthen the cold supply chain for food transport, in Italy and abroad.

Yes, responsibility; because at the center of the collaboration is pan-European food distribution and we want to demonstrate that when serious companies and responsible families come together it is possible to create new virtuous logistics solutions.

But we decided to do much more, we also involved DIF – Distribuzione Italiana Food, our network dedicated to food & beverage distribution in which dozens of affiliates are committed daily to serving the last mile of food products in the Large-scale Organised Distribution, Organised Distribution channels and Horeca.

It is worth giving some numbers to describe the scope of this agreement: over 7 thousand units that will strengthen the cold chain; 38 locomotives, over 3 thousand containers, 650 railway wagons, more than 300,000 m2 for the storage of food & beverage production at ambient and controlled temperatures, a varied road fleet of over 3,900 units and around 30 locations in Italy, France, Slovakia, Romania and Serbia.

The importance of an innovation like this is reflected in the words of our COO – Umberto Torello:

“The food chain is a strategic sector for Italy, with an annual turnover of around 600 billion euros, i.e. 31% of the national GDP. These are numbers that invite us to do better. Torello and our DIF Network have been leading players in the supply chain for some time now, not only in Italy but also internationally. Therefore, the agreement with GTS is strategic, the integration with rail will ensure even more sustainable transport, traceability and correct temperature management.”

And in those of the CEO of GTS – Alessio Muciaccia:

“In this delicate moment, the road-rail method is the way to guarantee the entire distribution process, from the producer to the consumer. And doing so in a sustainable and safe way is the key to looking at the long term with peace of mind. Thanks to Torello, we can now integrate the temperature-controlled food transport service and give our customers greater support.”

From southern Italy to northern Europe and vice versa.

In operational terms, DIF will have the task of collecting and distributing food production in Italy, including that coming from abroad thanks to its railway partner. GTS, that within the first semester of 2024 will upgrade the draft Verona-Bari from 3 to 6 circulations to week, will take care of the rail transport from the south Italy until the north Europe and vice versa and Torello will be the support for the international full load transports by road and operator of logistics of warehouse thanks to its many sites of storage.

After all, intramodality is this, integrating road and rail so that everyone expresses the best of themselves.