Torello, 100 new vehicles for an increasingly green fleet

14 Apr, 2023

Our sustainable commitment continues. We recently introduced 100 new green vehicles from Scania Italy, the first five of which were purchased a few weeks ago.

Specifically, the new Scania vehicles joining the fleet are 70 Supers, with 6-cylinder engines that reduce fuel consumption by 8%, increasing vehicle efficiency, and 30 V8s, which offer high fuel savings of up to 6%: “One of the values of our organisation is the care with which we select partners who, like us, are conscious of sustainability. We are very happy that together we can achieve ambitious goals in reducing our environmental impact” explains Antonio Torello.

Euro VI vehicles make up 97% of the fleet

This is just one of the latest solutions that we have been implementing over the years in order to achieve sustainable mobility for society and the environment. It is no coincidence that 97% of the fleet of around 3,300 units, including semi-trailers and road tractors, is made up of Euro VI vehicles, in accordance with the most recent evolution of European standards governing pollutant emissions. “In January we added 40 new natural gas-powered vehicles to our fleet. We know how important it is to uphold, year after year and with tangible actions, our commitment to efficient and sustainable transport,” Antonio Torello emphasises.

Green logistics represent the real turning point of a sector that will exceed 90 billion euros in Italy in 2022, according to data from the Politecnico di Milano Observatory, recording 2.8% growth compared to 2021. Some market players have accelerated investments to limit the environmental impact of their activities.

“We are proud to be able to collaborate with the Torello Group because the project we have developed together will allow us to achieve ambitious goals in terms of economic and environmental sustainability, thanks to state-of-the-art solutions and a synergy between future-oriented businesses,” said Enrique Enrich, president and CEO of Scania Italia.

Michele Spolzino, of Diesel Tecnica, the local dealership in our area, along with the Scania Italia team, attended the handover ceremony for the first five Scania Super vehicles, held at the headquarters in Montoro (AV), in addition to the Torello family.