Balance and sensitivity, Mattia Bongioanni’s secret to manage a Torello logistic platform

26 Oct, 2022

Mattia Bongioanni – Logistics Project Coordinator – stands out with his innate gift that is balance, needed to manage internally a multifaceted team of 50 people and externally the relation with an historic customer that has in Cuneo a solid bond with the territory.
Let’s see what is his occupation, what are his responsibilities and why he gives so much importance to the question “how are you”?

Your relation with Torello. When was it born and how it evolved.

My relation with Torello was born in 2018. At that time I was working for a customs broking, a job I started soon after my degree in Economics; it was a complex place that I really liked. There I heard about Torello for the first time and when it was clear that they had a real growth project in my territory, Cuneo, (where we are present in Dronero and Roccabruna, platforms totally dedicated to Decathlon ndr.) I decided to come into contact with them. For me it was a great leap in the dark because I was leaving a safe job for a challenge. That challenge started from a shed and seven/eight employees but it already had a bright future. And how could it not be so? We achieved really fulfilling goals with customers, often anticipating their own requests.

Three adjectives for Torello

Familiar. Even if we’re a structured company, there’s still a type of relatiohship where you can see the holder, he’s with you and asks you how you’re doing. That’s the aspect of Torello family that remained in the Torello company.

Welcoming. For different reasons you feel like home. When I started I was working next to three colleagues from Campania. They immediately made me feel a part of the team and I fit in so well.

Farsighted. And if you’re not like that with a customer like ours you lose it. The holders are often like that, trusting employees, taking their recommendations and proposals. This sensitivity is well dosed through the three brothers, a sensitivity that in Umberto is expressed as an instict to business and in Antonio to suppliers. Concetta has this great talent with human resources. I think that is a balance.

The role covered. Responsibility and personal vision.

I’m the coordinator of the whole customer’s logistic process. Sometimes I don’t realize it but in these almost five years I’ve never stopped. I’ve started from an operative job until becoming a Logistics Project Coordinator, practically my responsibility lays in ensuring the efficiency of logistic process being a connection between suppliers, company and customers, and suggesting improvement projects of the logistic cycle. 

According to my vision, I’m knowingly both so much company-man and oriented to the customer, I think our client must have all he asks. It’s a mindset that I already had and I’ve also found here.

Tell us an anecdote, a moment where you perceived closeness

During the opening of the platform in Cuneo, the president Nicola Torello came and asked me if he could sit down, if he was bothering someone. I was speechless! He sat down and we had a little talk. I think it’s important to stay close to the collatorators and I believe they’re doing so with everyone because in that moment he didn’t even know who I was. Sensitivity is a value.

Is Torello well-known on the territory?

Torello is rooted in the territory. At the beginning I was the one searching for people and telling the story of the Group because they didn’t know us. In a short time everything changed. Today during our interviews if I’m the one who’s searching a profile, a situation that I prefer, or they came as spontaneous candidates, they all know us, they know how much we are expanding and often they have the ambition of being a part of the team. If you create a safe and incentive space people can feel it.

Are there some aspects to improve?

In the company, being so big, it happens that many of us didn’t know each other personally. I would like to find out other realities of the Group because I think that my job could be needed by others and vice versa. That’s it, there are so many skills in the company, I would suggest to make them more visible. It could be interesting for example having a map of people’s skills. 

Do you still choose this job?

After almost five years I can say that it is a choice I would do again because I’ve taken an opportunity that still gives me so many challenges. I’m ambitious, I don’t want a flat job and I can assure you that here there are challenges everyday.

We remind you the Dronero project that started like that, then extended in Roccabruna, becoming a case study where Decathlon trains its employees showing the activities done inside the Torello warehouses.