Torello opens the album of memories of the second generation, 1992-2022.

6 Dec, 2022

We were born in 1975 as a road carrier from a family unit, much like the small shops of the past, and we jealously guard the human relationship. Almost fifty years have passed, but 2022 marks a special anniversary that coincides with Umberto, Concetta, and Antonio Torello’s thirty years of service to the company. The entry of the second generation in the third decade opens the album of memories, which marks a significant date for the Torello brothers: 1992.

“We officially joined the company in 1992. We went in not knowing how much this action would change our lives.” Umberto Torello begins the memory album. The eldest of the brothers quickly became passionate about the family business, thanks to an intuition that led him to frequently anticipate market demands well in advance. The goal has always been to divide the tasks: different vocations with the common goal of keeping up with a high evolutionary density sector that went through a series of technological and organizational changes during those years.

“We felt compelled to assist the company bearing our name, but we were aware that only time could hone the acquisition of experience. We had already experienced the enormous sacrifice that company management entails through our father, but the awareness, the responsibility, which was passed down to us in the family as a value, is something different from the experience.”

The brothers’ professional journey begins at a time when they are sowing the seeds that will forever change the industry. “We began to see a gradual increase in the share of the tertiary sector, not only of transport and handling activities, but also of storage and transportation planning phases,” Umberto explains.

In fact, it was only during those years that the Torello family realized it was part of a much larger supply chain, of which only the transport activity was interpreted. “However, once the customer was loyal, you could contribute significantly more”. “There were three of us, we could contribute in a different but complementary way,” says Antonio Torello, the youngest of the three. “My brothers and I then indulged in various personal stimuli, but with the common goal of staying one step ahead, we attempted to do things that others did not do, or did not do yet. We felt the need to give our company a boost, to make it self-sufficient and diverse in every way”.

In relationships, Antonio is the most sympathetic. He has the ability to form genuine, mutually beneficial partnerships. Concetta Torello, the true glue of the family and the company, has the most comfortable role. It has taken over the management of the entire financial and accounting department and is capable of keeping everything running smoothly while also making people feel like they are a part of the family.

“I wanted to tell you something that may seem amusing to a man who started out alone and did everything himself. Our father frequently turns in the company, wondering how many people work there, and exclaims amusement: but what do all these people do? Obviously, my father understands what they do, but when we consider the context in which he grew up and grew up in this company, we can understand his irony. Needs change after years, new technologies emerge, and yet there is one special signal that we cannot live without. Our gaze is drawn to Dad’s approval gaze. We approach with confidence because of him.”

Where does peace come from? Because what you do must be close to your heart, you must be aware of relying on responsible people. Everyone here contributes to the best of their abilities and potential. In short, meritocracy applied to us when we first joined the company and continues to apply to all who want to grow with us.

Managing a company like ours today necessitates a high level of expertise. We have become very selective, but the goal is to provide the best service possible. The sharing of the three results in the development of new strategies, a process that engages the entire organization. Beginning with Nicola Torello.

“A grateful thought goes to those who have arrived and stayed, to those who have left and enriched us a little more with their contribution.” I’ve always believed that luck played a role in our success. As the saying goes, fortune favors the brave. But what good is bravery if you don’t have your main ally, perseverance?

Concetta Torello, in the end, effectively synthesizes the values on which this company is founded.