The numbers and the quality of the Castel San Pietro platform. Torello’s logistics are increasingly in demand

29 Mar, 2024

As with every new opening, Castel San Pietro relies on a strong synergy with the local area. Twenty kilometres from Bologna and not far from the manufacturing districts of Modena, Parma and Reggio Emilia, the warehouse is located in a strategic area for the establishment of large companies, both in terms of production processes and the increasingly important focus on environmental and social sustainability.

The value and care we put into every aspect of the warehousing and distribution process takes a far more forward-thinking approach, as it is from here, close to the production fabrics, that we can ensure significant time savings and improved logistical performance for our customers. Emphasising our commitment to minimising mileage.

Let’s talk about resources. Let’s look at the physical assets of Castel San Pietro

The Castel San Pietro logistics hub: the numbers

The warehouse has a covered area of 21,500 square metres with 200 square metres of adjoining offices, 16,000 pallet spaces and 13 loading bays connected to the outside. We combine optimal interior organisation with functional exteriors for easy vehicle manoeuvring, smooth aisles and large yards for transit, loading and unloading. A manoeuvring area of 10,000 square metres ensures movements that optimise the tight schedule dictated by daily logistics flows. The warehouse handles inbound, outbound, picking, and packing, and has a dedicated area for organic products, a convenience that companies are increasingly looking for.

Spaces to customise, layouts to redesign, people to train. All for the specific service you require. Flexibility is the best of the qualities we have been able to ‘sell’ to customers. The reason is simple: there are so many industries, so many market niches, and our ambition is to be able to capture the added value that makes companies more profitable, precisely because they are better organised and ready to scale the complexity of the market. Emilia-Romagna is also one of the most important centres for logistics flows, thanks to the presence of large companies. “We are a group that works in synergy with local realities, proposing a corporate culture that improves communities by supporting the territory. This is one element that can make a difference”. Umberto Torello explains the company’s strong presence in the region.

Its presence in the Emilia region since 2014 has become a kind of brand identity for Torello. “From here, we can quickly manage the fluctuations in customer demand, ensuring reliable supply and removing the burden of warehousing from manufacturing companies”. This new warehouse is part of our growth plan. We are not only increasing the number, but also the quality of our logistics platforms: Castel San Pietro is a hub that has been built to the latest quality and safety standards, with energy-saving solutions and a sprinkler fire-fighting system. A 24/7 video surveillance service completes the safety and security package.