100 Kögel semi-trailers and new milestones for the Torello fleet

1 Aug, 2019

“Currently the fleet consists of about 3,000 vehicle units including tractors, trucks and semi-trailers. 90% of the fleet complies with the most recent and stringent Euro 6d TEMP legislation, and in 2020, our goal is to have 100% of the fleet compliant.” Recently, Torello has acquired a total of 400 Kögel and Schmitz Curtainsider semi-trailers with particular attention paid to load securing details. This was announced by Antonio Torello – Chief Transport Officer – during the interview with Il Mondo dei Trasporti – No. 281 / July-August 2019.

400 Curtainsider semi-trailers in just under 3 months

100 new Kögel semi-trailers – in addition to the 300 Krone semi-trailers in a delivery instalment that arrived just a few months ago – are the answers to specific needs. Our secret does not lie in the choice of suppliers but rather our choice of Partners who uphold and satisfy the criteria indicated in the Torello Research & Development standards. The Group’s commitment is well summarized by the development of the Green Logistics Application Platform (G.L.A.P.), a patent that certifies the specificity of Torello and its green approach to logistics and transport.

Kögel satisfies all requirements and, thanks to the flexibility in installations, is able to adapt the settings so that they comply with the Torello standards for load securing. Numerous details defined in the preparation phase ensure both maximum productivity of the company’s fleet as well as increased flexibility, as more vehicles mean our clients can try out new and different services. Distribution vans, food trucks, refrigerated vehicles… Able to provide a variety of goods transportation.

In just 18 months, we have seen a significant increase in the fleet, achieving sustainable targets.