45 years. Torello receives a second Felix Industry Award for “Italy Competing 2022.”

28 Nov, 2022

We are ranked among the top businesses in the logistics and transportation industry this year for management effectiveness and financial stability Cerved. On November 24 at the Luiss University, President Nicola Torello, who thanked everyone for the award for the umpteenth time, accepted the “High Budget Award” with his daughter Concetta Torello.

In both the public and private sectors, we offer a crucial service. Companies must expand logistically if they want to develop and meet market problems. However, the market’s issues eventually overlap with those of society, so we must make the service more resilient. Because the operations of the logistic cycle are now a part of a larger and more structured framework rather than being distinct and independent actions, it is in everyone’s best interest. It is no accident that the environment sector, which had 23 award-winning enterprises, performed the best during the fiscal year 2020, followed by the construction and construction (15), logistics and transport (14) and innovative services (14) sectors (13).

Minister Ciriani and Undersecretary Bergamotto attended the occasion, along with many other guests. SME growth is projected to increase in 2023, and it is believed that a lot will depend on the ECB’s monetary policy, the crisis in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, and how these factors may affect energy prices.

At the 45th event, third national edition of the Felix Industry Award, 203 companies with registered offices in Italy are listed as having received awards for managerial performance, financial reliability, and occasionally sustainability. The awards are broken down by sector. The survey is run by Michele Montemurro‘s quarterly Industria Felix Magazine in addition to Il Sole.