A history of reliability: Torello is confirmed as a 2020 CRIBIS Prime Company

6 Mar, 2020

CRIBIS 2020 has arrived.
The continued nature of this certificate demonstrates its status and importance. Such a confirmation shows that: we are one of the best business partners in Italy.

CRIBIS recognises and rewards the attention and care paid to economic and financial aspects, along with the extent of stability and robustness shown both in terms of economics and trade, a guarantee for those choosing us as a business partner.

A business can’t be run successfully if it’s ignoring numbers. “Finance is essential: you can’t run a business and expect growth unless you read the numbers”. Concetta Torello – the Chief Administrative Officer – with the assistance of Management Control made up of professionals who provide the company with clear guidelines and indications, brings significant results home, year after year (both in terms of economic and trade performance): such results are promptly rewarded and/or included in projects dedicated to companies excelling in terms of growth prospects (see ELITE).
I am the needle that tips the balance”.

The confirmation of CRIBIS demonstrates success in the strategic policies adopted by the company in line with its continued “family management” approach, which allocates resources as would be done in a typical family. And so: We are reliable because we choose how our efforts are rewarded. Torello clients, partners, suppliers and employees all give what they receive.

CRIBIS only grants this certification to companies that have demonstrated a high economic and commercial reliability as well as the extent to which the commitments made to its Partners are respected.

* CRIBIS Prime Company is recognized by CRIBIS D&B (Cif SpA), the first group in Europe operating in the credit information banking sector. A company that specializes in providing economic information and credit scores. Its specialization is, in fact, to provide reliable data on the economic and commercial performance of companies, thus supporting effective business partnership decisions.