“All will be well” – how we encourage each other in the Torello Group

27 Mar, 2020

The power of small everyday gestures, limited fuss and endless encouragement not to give up, as expressed with a few simple words: All will be well, a spontaneous initiative started by children which we have embraced by launching a collection of drawings across all the different firms of the Group.

Rainbows made by the families of our employees: children, grandchildren, couples and groups. This might not win you a prize. But actually, it does. You can win back the life that we should all reclaim.

This idea, shared amongst the team, stems from our wish to minimise a threat which has brought about changes in our way of working, smiling, talking and relating. We want to show everyone that if we stick together, we can overcome this period in which a company like ours not only plays a role as an economic entity, but also acts as a tool of mediation, a source of reassurance.

Consistent with the principles and values that have always characterized Torello, and are collectively endorsed by the Group companies all over Europe, it is our aim to be present in all divisions, covering a distance that seems smaller when tackled. Balancing, on the one hand, our employees on the front line, and, on the other hand, their families. We need to encourage each other, ensuring that those waiting at home are included. We need to affirm the normality that we frequently took for granted.

Here we are. We are hopeful, and believe that the most important mission for any organization is for its work to have had a positive influence. Thus leaving a rainbow in your path.
We have encouraged all our employees and partners to participate because we want our Torello Group offices to feel close in spirit. We’re all in this together.