Among the companies of large fleets: Torello at the European Fleet Council 2018

4 Oct, 2018

Being accepted and recognized in the market as a company with the largest fleet always has a certain effect. Today in Munich we were guests of the European Fleet Council 2018, an event organized by the Knorr-Bremse Group – the world’s leading manufacturer of braking systems for commercial and railway vehicles – dedicated to the major European fleets.

The meeting opened with the presentation of Dr. Peter Laier – Member of the Executive Committee Knorr-Bremse – in an edition focused on smart mobility, automation, supply chain and commercial vehicles.

An expected moment of confrontation saw the participation of large companies, represented by international fleet managers, who come to Monaco to expand their horizons. Here, in fact, there are spaces that are closely linked to transport and which anticipate great innovations in the sector.

Meanwhile, the fleet is growing. We are withdrawing a large contract in several tranches that should be completed by December 2018.