ANITA General Council: third consecutive term of office for Umberto and Antonio Torello

11 Oct, 2022

Confirmed Umberto and Antonio Torello’s offices in the ANITA General Council for the next two years. A renewed trust thanks to the job done in these years.

Never change a winning team…

Umberto Torello, whose Presidency in the Specialization/Food Transport section coincides with the Presidency of Transfrigoroute Italia and Antonio Torello, ANITA General Councilor are at their second confirmation and third consecutive term of office after the voting made during the private meeting on 17th of September at Santa Teresa Gallura (Sardinia).

…and not even the formula

The occasion for the election for the positions of directors was given by the annual ANITA Meeting that comprehends a day of conventions open to the public, where entrepreneurs, hosts and institutional and political personalities take part, and a day dedicated to the partners where during the private Meeting are elected the members of the General Council and the Presidents of 9 Sections of Specialization.

Already in the previous General Council, Antonio Torello supports the concrete action promoted by ANITA – “There’s a lot to do but compared with the beginning of this journey we are living a phase of greater awareness by the institutions, citizens, enterprises, because there were significant progresses in the research, divulgation, building of a national context of reference. Today we have a common ground because you cannot leave out from a coherent and uniform normative picture. I’m so honoured to give, even the slightest, my contribution to support ANITA in the constant action”.

A double challenge that I face with passion and commitment. I’m proud of what they have done in these first four years of activity” – explains Umberto Torello, confirmed as president of Food Transport Specialization Section – “it is the continuation of a journey, voted and approved by partners during the last meeting, that brought to the composition of a varied and interesting teamwork. Thanks for the appreciation received and good work to us”.

Trying to sum up the work that is doing ANITA means risking to simplify a total approach to the sector that involves road haulage firms and constructors/fitters of vehicles and cold equipments. ANITA does publications, promotes conferences and studies, supplies data, attends the activities of other associations and above all it represents Transfrigoroute International – leader association in Europe of controlled-temperature carriage of goods – through Transfrigoroute Italia. The advantages of being partners are translated in best practices of exchanges and facilitations that give more value to the activities of the represented enterprises.

The other Presidents elected of the Specialized Sectors that will be in charge for the next two years are: Emanuele Arcese for the intermodal transport and containers sector, Claudio Bisi for the transport of dangerous goods sector, Marco Cianciosi for the exceptional transport sector, Carlo Coppola for the waste transport sector, Giorgio Frigo for the logistics and distribution sector, Natale Mariella for the small enterprises, consortia and cooperatives sector, Massimo Masotti for the international transport sector and Giancarlo Vaccari for the Silos sector.