Annachiara Torello: passion, competence and a look into the future

3 Aug, 2021

Family’s name isn’t always able to get it access into businessworld or it gives you a role to play.
It isn’t easy to carry on Torello’s brand even when you’re part of the family and Annachiara is determined to prove her best with her own resolute personality.

She considers Torello’s as a training gym, where she likes to challenge her personality by using own skills.
She could get into the family business easily,but she chose to educate herself, to train herself on the field, an unknown field for her.
She is aware that to get a clear vision, without preconceptions, she has to see reality from another point of view.

Annachiara’s journey isn’t a result of circumstances.
This would be a simplification of a meticulous study path, her will to test herself would be diminished, her determination to prove her skills in other situations even if her heart was beating in a particular direction.
“I was looking for evidence , and I wasn’t searching for it in the experience itself but in people”.

She made every single choice by following her passion and she is using it to get into different business areas. Her will power has got the better of the name of the company as well as reality has surprisingly overcomes expectations.

Her beginning starts from a memory.