Concetta Torello’s family business is a gem in any economy.

13 May, 2022

Concetta Torello, who is usually hesitant to tell herself anything during the week of the International  Day of the Family, makes an exception for one of her most important topics: the family. 

Added to that, a personal conversation, except that the firm has practically everything. She is our  Chief Financial Officer, with a calm demeanor and a strong desire to succeed. Concetta is open about  her feelings for her property, her business, and her family. What are these riches if they can’t be  comprehended? Concetta is in charge of so much of the humanity that pours through from her  company, as she put it herself: “the real wealth is being human with human beings.” 


Torello’s relationship with him. When he was born and how he changed throughout time.

Clearly, this is a familial trait. I’ve always done this work, which has turned out to be an  interpretation of our personal tendencies. Umberto is the commercial and organizational brains  behind the company. Antonio, a man of relationships with a practicality that has always  differentiated him, has gravitated more toward the engines, while I, more reticent, discover what  best reflects me in my role: correctness, programming, and order. In conclusion, I enjoy being a bit  of a “director,” but the true soul of this organization is our father, who continues to communicate  essential teachings every day by his gestures and words, one on everyone being unified at a family  and professional level, and caring for all members of our “Great Family” (as we love to call it). 

I don’t hide anything. I’m too attached to my family, and I believe that family businesses are a  valuable asset to any country and should be encouraged in every way possible, not only in Italy  (where family businesses have historically served as the backbone of national economic progress),  but also in other nations. 

Ours is a “land-based” family enterprise with a passion for engines. 

I adore everything about this job; I was almost born in the center of engines, from agricultural  tractors to the ultra-modern trucks that now ply Europe’s highways. 


Torello has three adverbs.

Proud. There’s a lot of me, my brothers, and my father in this adjective. The greatest metaphor for a  healthy journey is starting from ourselves and making it on our own, meter by meter, kilometer by  kilometer. Nothing has ever been given to us. And I’m not saying it out of rage or disappointment;  I’m saying it out of remorse! 

Humani. I read a few of the interviews, and I enjoy how everyone feels they have an opportunity to  express themselves. It means they feel a part of this wonderful family, and we’ve figured out that,  just like in a family, everyone communicates their personal and professional visions through the lens  of his sensitivity. 

Hard-working. Thinking that this enterprise arose from the ground, correctly from the soil and a  passion for engines, taught me that getting your hands dirty in the first person gives you a sensation  of exhaustion, of only earning esteem and respect by hard effort.


The position he occupied. Personal vision and accountability.

I am the Group’s Chief Financial Officer, and my fanco has an incomparable team. With marketing, I  follow the facts, and then I deal primarily with numbers, but I’m not stuck in the button room to  make ends meet. Human beings “matter” to me, and I believe that when employees are led by  entrepreneurs who put their brain and heart into their job, the end result is dramatically different,  and from the outside, our clients/partners, with whom we share work and values, notice this. One of  the simple guidelines we follow every day is to value people, to create collaborative environments in  which we all (including the owners) are at the service of the firm, and to lead by example, to be the  lighthouse for everybody. 


Torello has a lot of pink stock. Does your role contribute significantly in this? 

Women in the transportation industry. Although there are no entirely male and female occupations,  the number of women in the transportation industry is still quite low, particularly at the managerial  level. In a nutshell, talent is being squandered! Thankfully, Torello’s travels take him outside of these  

systems, and the odds pink from us are well represented. We feel that having a mixed atmosphere  with gender equality inside the organization benefits both internal and external interactions. 


The International Day of Families occurs this week. A recurrence that’s just right… 

We don’t want to delve into the idea of family that everyone of us have. The only form of family  we’re talking about is one that is based on love. Love is the bedrock upon which all good things are  built. It will be natural to be dear to colleagues and owners if you structure the company on the  same values that you use in your family, which is the social area that welcomes and collects  everything we hold most dear. To everyone. 

We want Torello employees to believe that their work is a vehicle for expressing their ideals. “Lousy  family, bad business,” says an old saying. Well, we strive to be a good family on a daily basis… 


How do you see the future of transportation based on your experience?

It’s becoming more and more central, and it’s becoming unavoidable. Now that it is in the public  view, it is vital to give this work dignity. Mattarella’s speech to the House on the occasion of his re election as President of the Republic was all about dignity. Well, it would have to give/give dignity to  the work of the hauler because it will become increasingly difficult to find a solution to the shortage  of drivers and, most all, the unwillingness of many to join this sector if it does not. 

It would be required for us all to comprehend the actual worth of this craft. 

If we locate a product on a shelf in a store, it has traveled on a medium at least in part, if not all. 

The simplicity with which we buy from internet stores (which has become even more common as a  result of the pandemic) is all managed by efficient logistics consisting of sheds, trucks, and men.  


Would you still take this position?

We made our decision, and I found him virtually in the home! Of course, like with any work, there  are some aspects that I dislike, but because the family’s responsibilities have been divided, I am able  to perform the majority of what I enjoy. With an ear on the ground for all company news.