Creating new relationships. Boston Tapes is embracing Torello’s “Feel transport” campaign

15 Oct, 2020

Now, where were we? Well, we’re excited to announce an exciting new addition to Torello’s advertising campaign, “Feel transport”: a campaign which centres around the feeling established with our partners, which stems from shared values. An open dialogue where the clients themselves identify the integral contribution made to their services. The exchange of values between Torello and Boston Tapes is continuous, akin to the process of osmosis. This time, Feel Transport is focusing on the story of the relationship between Torello and Boston Tapes SpA – a company belonging to the French group Chargeurs – Chargeurs Protective Films Division – which produces technical adhesive tapes and protective films. Representing the company – from the production warehouse in Sessa Aurunca (in Caserta, Italy) – is Vincenzo D’Angelo, the Supply Chain & Logistic Manager. It is through his carefully selected words that an open, friendly environment is created, where the client feels free to share a clear vision of those values which are guaranteed to bring guaranteed energy and motivation to the partnership. In other words, values which sum up the raison d’être of the partnership and ensure that it will continue with success. Steadfast, durable and genuine. We chose each other through affinity and mutual understanding Each corporate style is of course different, but for us, there is always one key deciding factor that leads to a partnership, and that’s the importance given to the individual: whether the individual is a client or employee, people are always at the centre of a strong corporate culture, both for us, here at Torello, and also for Boston Tapes. We noticed that our values matched up, and unveiled a number of shared affinities that are focused on supporting development and growth. It is from these affinities that a strong incentive to work together to achieve mutually shared goals is born. Business goals begin with the sharing of values Feel transport is essentially a pact of confidence. It’s about mutuality and forming connections with the people who cross your path: For it is mutuality and connections that enable values to be realized, building a relationship that makes the customer feel at the centre of the company’s choices and rationale. The spirit of the Feel transport campaign is well reflected in how it is structured, with the client taking a key role in the visual, whilst references to services offered take on a secondary role. Contracts aside, Feel transport unites with partners who understand and embrace the authentic feel of the campaign. A human touch to the message combined with the ability to think from the customer’s point of view essentially define our identity as a company.