CRIBIS Prime Company 2018 – A confirmation of Torello’s reliability

1 Aug, 2018

This is the confirmation of the level of economic and financial validation achieved and of the work carried out by Management, the result of the dedication and professionalism expressed by all the collaborators. It is with renewed enthusiasm that the Financial Department – led by Concetta Torello, Owner & Chief Administrative Officer, and Gianluca Smiraglia, Finance & Controlling Manager – with a tireless job, still wins the CRIBIS Prime Company, a certificate of maximum commercial reliability.

CRIBIS Prime Company is one of the most important awards that provides information on the financial standing of a company, framing it in a macroeconomic context; we are in fact among 8% of Italian companies to deserve the title (last year they were only 3% ed).

CRIBIS, a CRIF Group company specialized in the supply of commercial information, has subjected us to a rigorous evaluation – based on the CRIBIS D & B Rating – focused on numerous variables such as financial ratios, payment experiences, prejudicial information and, obviously, personal data relating to the legal form, the geographical area of belonging, the size and seniority of the company.

The assessment found financial stability that currently supports an undeniable need for security, because it is important to be able to count on reliable partners, evaluate and choose a company according to the relationships that it creates with customers and other companies.

Also, this year, the certification obtained is the result of a company strategy, by a family-run business, which has made financial stability a reality.

Concetta Torello really wanted to underline: “Since we were born, we have pursued the dream of never exposing to risk all those who have commercial relations with Torello – from employees to suppliers to customers and so on – that it was an external body that proves it is a satisfaction that fills us with enthusiasm and repays the sacrifices of incessant teamwork, that continues in a fair growth, diversification of financial investments.

The quality expressed by Torello continues to improve. The CRIBIS Prime Company confirms that a sustainable business approach is achievable in every sector of the company. Today more than ever.