Dronero (CN) – Inauguration of the new platform designed for an international player

30 Apr, 2018

Dronero is ready. A few days ago, the inauguration of the platform was held – privately – with the Property and in the presence of some of the representatives of a chain of world-class stores for which the structure was designed. This is a project built on the actual needs of the customer. Needs which presided over the design and organization of the warehouse: managing with maximum efficiency the supplying production lines and delivery.

The platform – 12,000 m2, expandable up to 20,000 m2 – was created to overcome a series of critical issues.
We are talking about one of the world’s leading international sporting goods players with around 40 years of experience on that territory, where production was slowed by limited loading and unloading, space
for the storage of goods not sufficiently large, lack of parking area for vehicles waiting for loading and unloading.

We place ourselves as the center of Dronero. We bring components to production, they assemble them,
we take back the finished product and we distribute it internationally (including Russia and eastern markets).

The project, presented concurrently with others, has popped up on all by presenting the resulting benefits from the use of the Torello services: an increase in productivity, a reduction of the percentage of errors, cost savings, service improvement in time and punctuality, better eco – sustainable impact factory – thanks to the enormous reduction of vehicles in transit.

The Property said it was enthusiastic and also proud of having been chosen among many valid companies. In this occasion the interview “Il Magazzino del Mese” was held, the format is monthly in the Journal of Logistics dedicated to the Dronero warehouse (CN).