Eight Pillars: our philosophy

31 Mar, 2015

Our success is to work with a view of the Supply Chain Management, or by involving the entire network of companies, upstream and downstream, in the processes and activities that produce value in terms of products and services, to the final consumer.
In particular, the philosophy of Torello is enclosed in Eight Pillars that constitute the “foundations” of our strategic project for medium to long term:

  1. customer segmentation, or market segmentation in order to provide greater service to only those customers able to enhance it;
  2. adaptation of logistics-distribution to various customer segments: adapt the mode of transport, the distribution and sales channels to the needs of each customer;
  3. listening to the “market signals”, and collaborative planning in order to avoid the effect bull-whip;
  4. product differentiation (postponement): great flexibility and storage of fewer finished products;
  5. supply efficiency-oriented global collaboration with suppliers;
  6. information management through ICT: provision of an advanced information system, essential for business decisions;
  7. measuring the level of service and the relative cost, necessary in order to run the company in the right direction;
  8. Specialization professionalized for each product sector, with particular attention to the Cold Chain where they are most concentrated our investments in technological innovation and a team of technicians and professionals trained and certified.

This mode of operation leads to the pursuit of a goal of interdependence between all parts of the system. The synergistic activity between the operators generate a final result that is greater than that obtainable by the single individual performance.