Family, friends, success. Umberto Torello celebrates his 50th year

4 Dec, 2017

There are moments in life when you have to stop, take a look at everything you have built and allow yourself a brief pause for “celebration”, a small tribute to your journey. Because it’s right. These are the same moments when you would like to say may things but then surround yourself with people who have always been there, from family to friends: the answer for all those open pauses.

Umberto Torello’s 50th birthday, which coincides with this extraordinary phase of growth of the company, seemed a good time to celebrate, and so we did. Looking back, getting emotional, smiling at victories and squinting at the defeats that formed the man we all know.

An evening in which the journey of a story of growth was relived. That of a boy who, only a few years ago, decided to follow in the footsteps of his father. A boy tied to his family and friends, proud of his land, confident of his resources, became the successful manager of a company to which he dedicated his entire life, but, above all, a man who always remained tied to the values he put forward with respect to any business strategy. This was the meaning of the evening. Not a self-congratulations, but the simple desire to share, which has always been the founding basis of Torello.

From us, to all the successes yet to be achieved.

Cheers Umberto.