Featuring amongst the most attractive companies: Torello joins the ELITE platform

10 Oct, 2019

We have been selected by Borsa Italiana for the ELITE IV Lounge Mediocredito Italiano, an international platform dedicated to companies with high growth potential. This growth is channelled into organisational and managerial development, aimed at making noteworthy companies even more competitive, visible and attractive to investors.

Making companies attractive means first of all training their staff to be able to face the international context with the right skills. Support for growth is provided to us by the various training modules in which we are participating.

We’ve already started
The first of the meetings dedicated to updating skills, took place on 17-18 July. Concetta Torello – Chief Administrative Officer – and Gianluca Smiraglia – Group Finance & Controlling Manager – participated in the first module of the training course – in Milan, Centro Congressi Palazzo Mezzanotte di Borsa Italiana – which was followed by Module II on 16-17 September: Company culture and governance to benefit growth.

“We’re really proud to be a part of this program”. Concetta Torello, directly involved in the ELITE training course,has very much welcomed such a service, provided for companies keen to improve their skills in sectors of excellence in the Italian business community. “We are expanding: it’s crucial that we’re aware of our growth, identifying thetools to make sure we can really manage such an expansion effectively, and to do so we must be ready to be part of the “game” with the best resources available to us, and take guidance from those who are more knowledgeable in the sector. We must be willing to examine ourselves in depth”.