Feel transport – The Torello values take off with Mercedes-Benz

25 Nov, 2019

Once again, the partnerships that are the protagonists of the Feel transport agreement campaign, once again a partner that chooses to be Torello’s ambassador. Maurizio Pompei – CEO of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Italy – presents the human side of brand choice: the choice of the partner under the banner of Trucks you can trust: an act of esteem and trust – defined by the famous payoff that characterizes the MB Star/Truck Division – that has been working alongside the Torello brand for years.

The urge to look for something more

Choosing is a word that suggests recognizability and reciprocity. We chose Mercedes-Benz some time ago, when we started to weave that “ideal feeling” – now an advertising campaign – that shifted the focus from service to the creation of an identity process.
The anonymous service has become an identity precisely because the values that the partners express by associating are identifying. That is how we want to be seen and recognised.

We went to see them

MB has always been dedicated to innovation and research, and this year it inaugurated a new headquarters in Rome that improves customer service. The only Italian subsidiary of Casa della Stella dedicated to the sale and service of Vans and Trucks is a hub of services and products from which this video takes shape. The protagonist is the attention to detail, to the corporate social responsibility, to the environment and to the workplace, human capital and innovation.

These common aspects have led to the creation of a lasting, true, professional feeling. After all, when we talk about the human side, we aspire to share and last in the long term.

Feel transport is concrete.