Food logistics. Torello’s integrated proposal at Cibus Connecting Italy 2023

13 Apr, 2023

Let’s take stock of the situation. Cibus Connecting Italy 2023 hosted by Fiere di Parma was a very B2B-focused event that gave those representing us the opportunity to better explain our advanced logistics offer in the transport and storage of ambient and fresh food.

We were joined at the fair by buyers, salespeople and key figures from national and international manufacturing companies, as well as trade publications interested in putting the logistics of a sector that deserves prominence at the forefront. The numbers from Coldiretti‘s latest analysis based on Istat data in January 2023 speak for themselves: food production in Italy grew by 6% in January compared to the same month last year, driven by the historic record in exports, which in 2022 reached an all-time high of 60.7 billion euros.

The findings of these analyses require us to continue to move towards an increasingly consumer-driven agri-food logistics offer, which means working as an industry-side partner to put companies in a position where they always have control over their own production.

Umberto Torello, our owner and COO of the Group, highlighted important data that reinforce the strategy undertaken. “In an Italy that is 90% made up of small and medium-sized producers who must be protected on an equal footing with the larger ones, transparent logistics means accountability both to them and to consumers.

The issue of accountability calls into question the need for “interconnected logistics, as traceable as the supply chain. After all, managing accountability means working to ensure sustainability for all”.

Our approach allows producers to concentrate on production and marketing, while we handle all stages of the goods, ambient and temperature-controlled, through to delivery.

His sounding board is Daniel Grimaldi, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, who, when interviewed by various logistics and transport magazines, spoke of “greater awareness of the quality of the food we consume today. Food companies have realised this and have started to invest in organic and more local production and to better communicate the characteristics of their products”. But logistics? Grimaldi dotted the i’s – “logistics, on the other hand, is still not as well known to the general public and the various logistical steps are not clear to consumers”.

And what better occasion to talk about logistics at Cibus with a qualified audience interested in a more specialised service between Industry and Distribution? It is up to us to represent that audience between industry and distribution. It is a path that demands complete visibility along the entire production chain and real-time traceability of food production, and more.

An efficient path, as we said, when distribution acts as an ally to production. This can only be done in one way: by cultivating long-term relationships with customers, by growing together. The focus on food logistics is the reason why at Cibus Connecting Italy our proposal for integrated logistics for the entire supply chain drew interest, because of how it was formulated and how it continues to change as the market evolves. Thus acting as an ally on the consumer side as well.